Kanye West Wrote His Wedding Vows for Kim Kardashian REALLY Early On

kim kardashianThink what you want of Kanye West, but the man is obsessed with his woman. How obsessed is he with his woman? Kanye's so obsessed with Kim Kardashian that he reportedly started writing his wedding vows for his baby mama the day that he met her.

Some say it's creepy, but I actually think it's kind of cute.

According to reports, shortly after Kanye met Kim years ago, possibly when she was dating Ray-J, he started penning his vows to his future wife. No one knows exactly what the rapper is going to say on the big day to Kim, but a source says, "He will tell her how much she means to him, how she’s single-handedly changed his life by loving him unconditionally and having his child. He will tell her that nothing else in this life means as much to him as she and North do." I mean, sure, if I found out that a dude I just met wrote marriage vows to me, I'd be a little freaked out, but since this doesn't involve me or anyone I know whatsoever, I can say it's cute. Precious, even. I wonder if Kim knew back then how into her he was, though. Everyone likes to be adored, but writing wedding vows for someone you just met is a little stalkerish when you're on the receiving end of it.

I really hope that Kim and Kanye last, because if they ever break up, I don't know what Kanye will do. Kim has got this man under her spell, hook, line, and sinker. Although I suspect Kanye already has a take-me-back speech written for if that day ever happens.

Do you think Kanye's prewritten vows are cute or creepy?


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nonmember avatar Dawnell


nonmember avatar sandy

Something is just "not quite right" about Kanye's feverish approach to just about everything. He may call it passion or will or heck, being God-like, but a sort of naivete lies beneath his pursuits: It almost seems as if he believes so strongly in the power of desire and positive (magical?) thinking, that he can't comprehend or accept when things don't go his way (cue the Taylor Swift music award...). Unfortunately, it does not seem as if he knows how to accept second-best or rejection without resorting to angry tantrums. I imagine that as a father, he will be protective to the point of intrusion and interference in North's life: Can you imagine being the teenage kid of Kanye?! As for Kim, she may be lulled by Kanye's "devotion," but I have a feeling that this all going to blow up down the line: People can not sustain this level of near-obsession and deluded beliefs ("We're getting married at Versailles") for long without imploding.

Judy Tarver

Who cares?    He is a mental case unfolding before our eyes and Kim is flattered by it!!


nonmember avatar Lisa

He's already said this about her in interviews (not that he wrote vows) but all the stuff in his "vows". This isn't even true anyway. Hollywood life makes up fake stories

nonmember avatar Lisa

He really wanted Beyoncé, but she was already taken with her fine ass, so he got somebody he knows that he can run all over and make them change their looks and get his way with it. That person happens to be Kim Kardashian.

nonmember avatar Pat

He's obsess alright, on running her and telling her what to do.

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