Kim Kardashian & Kanye West May Not Get Married Now After a Fight Over This

Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West might be in love-struck bliss, but the public at large seems willing to believe any rumors that have the duo just seconds away from breaking up forever. The latest 'scandal' set to keep them from making it to the altar? A massive argument over their pre-nup. Oh yes, that's right -- they're going at it over protecting their respective fortunes and it could keep them from the happily-ever-after they've been searching for. Sigh. Pretty dramatic, right?

Yeah. It would be. If it were REMOTELY true. The "story", as it stands now, is essentially this: Kim and Kanye's legal team are sitting down and going over important points in their pre-nup. How this has blown up into a potential threat to their marriage is beyong me. If anything, Kim and Kanye are making sure that they both enter into this marriage with serious intention -- and they are taking the precautions necessary to make sure that happens. 


Pre-nups sometimes get a raw deal. Folks assume that signing one means you are as good as saying that you expect your marriage to fail. But for wealthy celebrities (especially ones who've been burned before) it's just a practical measure. In fact, they can even been seen as a loving thing, making sure that if anything goes wrong one party still intends to care for their spouse should their marriage come to an end.

It's not surprising that Kim (no doubt guided by Kris Jenner and her killer legal team) is doing everything they can to protect their interests and North's future. The same goes for Kanye's people. It's not like Kim and 'Ye are in a board room screaming at each other. They've got lawyers working together to come to a fair agreement, and that's not going to happen overnight. If it did, I think that would be the real sign of trouble. This seems like hysteria plain and simple. If Kim and Kanye are going to break up, it's not going to be over their pre-nup. 

Do you think Kim and Kanye will really get married?


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