Jamie Dornan Is a Hot, Wet Mess in Sexy '50 Shades of Grey' Scene (PHOTO)


Jamie DornanWhoa. If you haven't quite gotten on board with him playing Christian Grey just yet -- get a load of these photos of Jamie Dornan filming Fifty Shades of Grey scenes in the rain in Vancouver.

He's dripping wet from head to toe -- and it's not all because of the weather either. Sure, he shot a few scenes in the rain, but since Christian is a dude who likes to keep himself in shape, it looks like we'll have the pleasure of seeing him partake in a bit of jogging in the film as well.

Guess the bedroom isn't the only place he'll break a sweat.

But let's get back to the pics where he's just standing there in the rain. Something about them has me buying into him as Christian a little more for some reason. He just looks so mysterious, and kind of lost ... like he has a ton of heavy stuff on his mind. He looks like a dude you definitely don't want to mess with, well -- unless you're Anastasia Steele, of course.

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And while seeing a guy dripping wet in a mixture of rain and sweat isn't necessarily the biggest turn on, this is Christian Grey we're talking about -- which definitely lends a certain element of "OMG he's so freakin' hot" into the mix.

Please excuse me while I go back and stare at the rain pic a bit longer. As hard as I try, I can't seem to look away.

Are you getting excited for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie?


Image via Splash

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ilove... ilovemyrileybug

Mary Fischer.....what is so sexy about a bunch of pics of this guy in a sweaty hoodie? So he is running, big deal. Please stop getting my hopes up and letting me down.

nonmember avatar Britany

He looks like frodo in this pic... sorry but he is the furthest thing from sexy. They need a MAN, he is too boyish. Totally disappointed.

Tango135 Tango135

Take your pulse, ladies.  You might actually be dead!   

Shelley Neighbors

I am excited the more pictures I see of these two. They do make a good Ana and CG

Frances Campbell

Actually I think Jamie will be fantastic!  No one looks good in a soaked hoodie, but take that sweat shirt off and there is no denying he has a fantastic body...not to mention a handsome face.  I worry about Dakota though.  She is so far from the Anastasia in the book that it's difficult, if not impossible to get past her.  Plus she looks too old for Christian.

nonmember avatar me

Cam Gigandet is my perfect Christian

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