Jamie Dornan Is a Hot, Wet Mess in Sexy '50 Shades of Grey' Scene (PHOTO)

Jamie DornanWhoa. If you haven't quite gotten on board with him playing Christian Grey just yet -- get a load of these photos of Jamie Dornan filming Fifty Shades of Grey scenes in the rain in Vancouver.

He's dripping wet from head to toe -- and it's not all because of the weather either. Sure, he shot a few scenes in the rain, but since Christian is a dude who likes to keep himself in shape, it looks like we'll have the pleasure of seeing him partake in a bit of jogging in the film as well.

Guess the bedroom isn't the only place he'll break a sweat.


But let's get back to the pics where he's just standing there in the rain. Something about them has me buying into him as Christian a little more for some reason. He just looks so mysterious, and kind of lost ... like he has a ton of heavy stuff on his mind. He looks like a dude you definitely don't want to mess with, well -- unless you're Anastasia Steele, of course.

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And while seeing a guy dripping wet in a mixture of rain and sweat isn't necessarily the biggest turn on, this is Christian Grey we're talking about -- which definitely lends a certain element of "OMG he's so freakin' hot" into the mix.

Please excuse me while I go back and stare at the rain pic a bit longer. As hard as I try, I can't seem to look away.

Are you getting excited for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie?


Image via Splash

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