Demi Lovato Denies Engagement Rumors But Here's Why We Don't Buy It

Demi Lovato Demi Lovato can deny it all she wants, but we aren't buying a word of it. The actress is shooting down all the reports that she became engaged to her boyfriend That 70s Show actor Wilmer Valderrama faster than you can even give her side-eye about it. But a picture says a thousand words, and you know what -- words say even more. Demi's given us a lot of both and we're onto her game.

The actress ignited engagement-gossip when she was spotted on Twitter wearing a new piece of sparkly rock on THAT finger. She says it's not an engagement ring, but come on -- you're a starlet in Hollywood. As such, you know full well that pics of you with a ring on your marry-me finger are going to set tongues wagging. And that's exactly what happened. 



Demi dumped gasoline on the already growing gossip fire when she then followed up this ring-centric tweet with a series of photos of her and her honey boo-boo. Clearly they are deeply in smit! Wilmer's been around the block a few times (remember his Lohan-dating days of yore?) but you gotta admit, he and Demi seem to be the real deal.

demi and wilmer

Demi thinks so too. It's clear, in spite of their once on-again-off again past that Demi thinks the world of her love. She followed up her follow-up photo set with words of gushing praise for the man in her life. Sure, it could have just been a sweet message for her boyfriend on his birthday, but in light of everything that's come before, I smell engagement bliss on Demi's brain. We don't know if they are engaged or not, and we won't until one of the pair confirms it, but it wouldn't surprise us if it's already happened. I mean, it's only natural they'd want a little bit of time to share their special news privately, right?

Do you think Demi and Wilmer are tying the knot?


Image via Twitter/Twitter

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