Justin Bieber Is Spending 1 Million a Month & You Won't Believe on What

BieberJustin Bieber is all over the place these days, both in terms of his location on the map (Miami, Canada) and, it would seem, mentally. The Biebs, as we know, has not has an easy time of it lately. With his arrest, his vandalism, and his just generally outlandish behavior, the pint-sized prodigy has gone with the wind, like Tara before him. 

Now there's even more proof that he's just about completed the Child Star Gone Bad trifecta of awful. Bieber is allegedly blowing through ONE MILLION DOLLARS A MONTH. (In unrelated news, I tried to sell some DVDs online last night but was too cheap to pay the fee involved. Also I cannot remember the last time I bought a pair of shoes at full price. Moving on.) We get that he's a superstar, but the hell could he even be spending that sort of cheddar on? 

There could probably be a game-show that challenges contests to spend a million dollars every month for a year without just buying twelves mansions -- it's a lot more money than people realize. There's a lot of speculation going around saying that JBiebs is spending a large chunk of that money on weed (WHICH I FIND TO BE 'HIGHLY' UNLIKELY') and also 'sizzurp' (which, lol, no, because it is not 2008). 

I think rumors of his drug habits have been highly exagerrated. It seems more likely that doing stuff like renting out the Staples Center in LA so he and Selena Gomez could watch Titantic alone together there could be putting a dent in his (doubtlessly Pokemon-themed) wallet. Bieber isn't a born-to-be-will hellion, nor is he a troubled celeb going off the rails. He's a spoiled brat who never learned what it means to be an actual person and not a bang-having deviant who always gets his way. If his ship does not right itself soon, the dude will be left with no dollars to remind him of his glory days, just memories of days gone by.

Do you think Justin Bieber's 'troubled' or just spoiled?


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nonmember avatar Ikeia Perkins

I think that justin is just spoiled.

nonmember avatar Laurie

Definitely both. If he were my kid I would wonder where i went wrong. But it seems his parents aren't too bothered because he is 19 and still living at home.

there... theresaphilly

Both, he  has to take care of UNEMPLOYED mother and father. Dad remarried and has three children with his new wife, and Justin has to take care of them. He has to stay relevant, pay all his friends to be his friends (you know hanger-ons don't come cheap) and he has to be 19. That is a lot to shoulder for someone his age.  

Britt Woods

I think he's just a brat. The whole remarried father with new children doesn't have anything to do with it. There's plenty of teens that are thrust into similar situations that don't have millions of dollars to fall back on. He's never been taught the value of money or if there is anything more important than money. He's just a snot nosed little kid. 

Antonio Tomines

it's always the after effect of consuming forbidden drugs (remember W. Houston)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David B Cordick

maybe the courts will give him some significant jail time for his antics and wake him up.  he is just a brat used to getting his own way.  he will end up like the miley slut, doing anything to stay in the spot light when he career is shot all to hell.  when the money runs out, and it will the way he is going, he will be just another punk druggie wanting someone to take care of him.  selena gomez is obviously the stereo type of the idiot that is too stupid to come in out of the rain, when she continues to hang out with this punk loser. he needs his ass kicked a few times, and i mean a real ass whoopin

nonmember avatar Elle

Justin Bieber is an arrogant spoiled little jerk who thinks he's above the law & can do anything he damn well wants just because he's rich & famous. I think he's a disgusting example & there's nothing remotely charming about the creep.

nonmember avatar Anonymous

Spending $1million a month? Dang, I sure hope he's trying to buy a clue!

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