Wasted Reality Star Stole Spotlight at Sean & Catherine's Wedding

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

Damn. I knew I missed a rip roarin' good time since I wasn't invited (not bitter at all) -- but after hearing that guests were pretty drunk at Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's wedding, it sounds like it was quite the party.

(Something tells me that when ABC has an open bar at a party, it's stocked with the good shit.)

And one guest in particular, a fellow reality TV star of Sean's, was apparently so wasted at the reception that producers had to intervene.

(Ha! Wait until you hear this one.)


Sean's Dancing With the Stars pal Andy Dick had to be taken aside and made to guzzle down water in an attempt to sober him him. (Shocker.)

OMG. Every wedding has that one guest who gets a little too rowdy and winds up drunk as a skunk ... am I right? (I had more than one boozed-up puker at my own wedding ... how about you?)

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But it sounds like Andy must have pulled it together enough to get his freak on after the party was over. Check out a caption he posted along with a photo of him and some of the other peeps at the bash:

"Phenomenal weekend in Santa Barbara! CONGRATS & LOVE to you both. He's a bachelor no more.@SeanLowe09 @clmgiudici #toomuchfun#wokeupwithagirlinmybedandaboner #notgayafterall#wishyouwerethere #wishiwasstillthere #newfriend"

Yikes! Somehow I'm guessing the girl in question was a little bit schnockered too.

But whatever. At least Sean and Catherine can rest assured that their guests had an amazing time. It's highly doubtful that anyone will be complaining about this wedding -- and they'll probably be talking about it for years to come!

How drunk did people get at your wedding?


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