Heartbroken Ramona Singer Betrayed By Husband & Former 'RHONY' Costar

ramona singer jill zarinIf you've been following the sad drama surrounding the divorce of Ramona and Mario Singer, you know that former Real Housewives of New York star, Jill Zarin, for whatever reason, has had a guest starring role in the demise of the Singer's relationship. It seems that a quote or two from Zarin makes a cameo in just about every article and blog post written about Ramona and Mario -- and Ramona finally had it and exploded on Jill.

After it was made public knowledge that Ramona walked in on Mario with his girlfriend at their Hamptons' home, Zarin tweeted: "I am glad you finally told the truth @ramonasinger. I hope he gets what he deserves. Mario CHOKED her." To which Ramona responded: "Think it's sad she feels the need to use my personal business to try to make herself relevant."

Perhaps Jill was trying to garner support for her former friend, letting he world know what a monster Mario is. But what business is that of hers? On what planet is it okay to notify the world of your friend's alleged domestic abuse? The non-stop quotes and two-cents in articles were bad enough, Jill, but this is a whole new level.

Ramona's right, Jill is using her personal business to try to get in the spotlight again, which is both declasse and the opposite of what a true friend does. If Jill was really Ramona's friend, she'd have been by Ramona's side this whole time, and we wouldn't have heard a peep from her. Gross.

What do you think of Jill Zarin's tweet?


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Rhonda Fomby

Tweet, smeet! I'm still trying to get past the pic of Jill's mid-life or post mid-life crisis!  Was it Halloween on Andy's show or was it how to look like a ridiculous old-ass ho day?!

Jeri Taeschner

A psychic predicted to Ramona her marriage was going to be over. She didn't believe...perhaps now she does. Sad, but she needs to take off the rose colored glasses.

Lynn Feldman

she just cant be out of the spotlight this isnt about Jill Zarin she is a horrible person she should mind her own business

Annette Brancato Attanasio

I am SHOCKED about the break up of Ramona an Mario. I always thought they had a great marriage. So did Ramona for that matter. She has to be devastated. And for Jill to do what She did that was low. She used that purposely to Her own advantage. Ramona needs close friends by Her now not Jill.  I truly feel Her Pain.

nonmember avatar holly

BUTT-INSKY. Jill was great when no longer present on TV.

Bonnie Stone

Shame on you Jill. I always liked you but your 15 minutes are over. Shut up and mind your own business. If you're really her friend, go to her don't out her personal life. Everybody knows that Mario was a piece of shit, we don't have to know the dirty details. 

Donna Gamedame Chadwick

Jill will NEVER change. This is the same person we saw on the show, she just tried to hide it back then. Now her desperation shows in her every move. She wants to be on camera and in the spotlight. This is what ended her friendship with Bethany, she was jealous that B got more attention and had more fans, hence the nastiness.

nonmember avatar Teresa

Jill should have kept her mouth shut. She just had to butt-in as usual..and using a public forum is unforgivable. By looks of her in that picture seems like someone may be having a mid-life crisis! Keep your head up Ramona! Your fans are behind you!

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