Khloe Kardashian Needs to Stop Beating Herself Up for Her 'Failed Marriage'

khloe kardashian instagramPoor Khloe Kardashian ... Just when you thought she was moving on and stronger than ever without estranged husband Lamar Odom, sources say she's struggling emotionally and blaming herself for her "failed marriage."

Apparently a major factor triggering her pain is being in the house she shared with Lamar.

A so-called insider explains to

She hates that place so f**king much because in her mind, she failed. Can you believe she thinks she failed as a wife? She was crazy in love with Lamar and thinks she failed him because she couldn’t make him get off drugs. 

Wow. It is truly heart-rending to think she actually believes this, because in actuality, from everything we've heard, she did nothing but stand by him until it was pretty much impossible to any longer. And yet, the source claims:

She thinks she was too hard on him and pushed him away when all she was trying to do was bring him closer when he was at his worst. She’ll never admit that, but it’s so true. It’s Khloe. It’s her fabric and it’s who she is. She really didn’t want to leave Lamar but she had to. She had to for her soul.

Ugh. As much as I don't want to buy this, I could actually see this being the case. And if it is, I hope Khloe realizes she can't feel guilt or shame or regret for simply doing what she had to do for self-preservation.

Maybe she's not there yet, but hopefully, she'll soon do something anyone contending with a split must do: Make peace with the past. At some point after a breakup, you just have to trust that you did the right thing ... That you did what you had to do. Because beating yourself up isn't going to make anything better. Dwelling on "coulda, shoulda, woulda" is pointless. 

It sounds like nothing could be more true for Khloe. And if there's any truth to this buzz about where she is in the healing process, I feel like a little self-compassion could go a long way.

Have you ever blamed yourself unnecessarily for a relationship ending?



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nonmember avatar Paula Lipsey

You did your best .I know u will be ok you are a strong woman I know it's hard but just pray to God

nonmember avatar sandy

Have I ever needlessly blamed myself about the state of a relationship? Oh, goodness--don't get me started! Because of my own experiences, I have had a real soft spot for Khloe with regard to Lamar. I spent almost 6 years with an emotionally withholding, belittling, cheating man, because I began to believe what he would say: that my family was the problem, my need for perfection was the problem, I was neurotic, and worst, I was "unlovable." Why did I stay? Oh, because I was going to be the one who refused to quit on him, and that love would make him a kinder person. All that happened was that I became depressed and even suicidal. Finally, with the help of firends, family, therapy, and prayer, I started to see some light and call upon my most dormant reserves of strength and self-esteem. So, frankly, with regard to Khloe: I admire her for standing strong and taking care of herself despite her true love for Lamar. It must be incredibly difficult to walk away from a good man who has disappeared to an unreachable place, but she did the smartest and ultimately best thing, both for her and for Lamar. If and when she can understand and integrate that she acted with astonishing strength and insight, she will be able to move forward. It could take an extremely long time to come to terms within her heart, but she has demonstrated a level of fortitude and self-worth that is worthy of respect.

nonmember avatar elsa

sandy, as one human being to another, i am proud of you and very happy to know that you were strong enough to leave that toxic ex. bless you.

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