'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Is Making a Fool of Her Fans

Jenelle Evans Scandal-plagued reality star Jenelle Evans has been talking a lot about turning her life around lately, and she may have finally figured out how to guarantee a steady stream of good press. Rumor has it the Teen Mom 2 star has started her OWN gossip site!

Fans may have noticed Jenelle referencing a new site, Teen Mom Truth, over the past few weeks -- giving shout outs to its writers and linking back to it from her Sulia account. The folks over at Reality Lick did some digging on the site and came up with a huge bombshell.

The domain was registered under Jenelle's name! Did she think no one would notice?!

Could someone have simply used Jenelle's name? It's possible, but consider this: the site has already slammed several of Jenelle's co-stars, which is more or less inevitable if you're in the business of reporting on Teen Mom (take it from one who knows), but there's something ... curious about the site. The press on Jenelle isn't just positive. It's glowing. It's insider-y.

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Take, for example, a post that went up early this morning titled "BREAKING NEWS: First look at Jenelle Evans baby!" The piece features a picture that's said to be Jenelle's baby's ultrasound, and the gives details about her visit to the hospital. All stuff typical on a Teen Mom gossip piece, but the tone is particularly interesting, with statements like

Jenelle and Nathan DID find out the gender of their baby and we cannot WAIT to share the news with you! We, here at TeenMomTruth are not going to spill their secret, but we can tell you Jenelle and Nathan will reveal it on their own terms SOON!

As a reporter for the past decade and a half, let me tell you -- you don't sit on info like that when you get it. Not unless you have a realllllllly good reason to keep quiet. Like, maybe your boss is the person you're writing about?

Oh, and then there's this bit of evidence. One of the two writers for the site is Ashley Salazar, a 16 & Pregnant alum who is often tweeting back and forth with Jenelle. The other? A girl named Jenn Holt, whose credentials are as follows:

Since becoming friends with Jenelle Evans in 2013, Jenn has developed friendships with many other MTV reality stars, and is now considerd a valuable source of information in the 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom world.

It doesn't get much more Jenelle-centric!

The question is why Jenelle would do this. Money? Unlikely -- the site isn't really raking in the big bucks.

An image change? That could be. Jenelle does seem to be trying to -- if nothing else -- change people's perception of her. What better way to do it than to flood the market with positive stories, stories SHE can control? You can't blame her for trying!

But then again, the fans would appreciate it if she was just straight with them ...

What do you think of Jenelle controlling the stories about her? Do you give them any weight?


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Eddie... EddiesMama1983

I think Jenelle is just as if not more annoying than Farrah Abraham. 

Amy Adams

Pathetic. She wants people to belive she has changed so much that she has people write only good articles about her.Let's not talk about the 20 plus times she has been aressted. let's not talk about hows she's still married ad dated atha weeks after being sperated from her husbad of a few month. Lets not talk about her abortion he was having while she said oh we have been talking for a month and a half??? that would mean while she was still with her husband she is so full of her self. I think a lot of the face book sites and other are run by her and her so called friends they never do diss articles on her but make sure every other teen mom has one rather its deserving or not. Jenelle gets arrested its a piece about how the other person is in the wrong not  poor jenelle. I aint falling for her shit. She ha not and never will change. Men going to alway come and go and her kids will never have a stable life.

nonmember avatar ShelbyCobra

All I can say is she is the biggest whore of ALL the teen moms featured! She is always hooking up with guys she hardly knows and then gets knocked up by them! She is absolutely ridiculous and should be sterilized! A girl who marries a guy she has barely known for 3 months and gets knocked up by him, but then has an abortion, but then is ALSO on dating apps looking for guys to hook up with and then actually does and to top it all off she PLANNED on getting pregnant with this dude she met online. She is trashy, disgusting, and I don't know why any guy wants those sloppy 69's! The only words I have to describe Jenelle Evans is: pathetic, effing moron, whore. I wish MTV would stop filming her because she is ruining not just her own life, but her child's life and all who surround her. She needs a serious wake up call and I'm sure it'll come in the form of a seriously permanent STD.

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