Lea Michele's Confession About Dating After Cory Monteith Is Sad But Right On

Lea MicheleLea Michele's year was incredibly tough -- not only did her boyfriend Cory Monteith pass away from a drug overdose, but the entire world watched. Imagine having everyone staring at you, analyzing your every look and move and outfit, trying to figure out exactly what stage of grief you're at. Lea was smart to lay low and not talk too much about Cory, but recently she opened up to Teen Vogue. She spoke about how supportive Cory was of her efforts to make a solo album, and how she believes that he is watching over her every move. Ohh, but then there's that touchy question about when she'll date again. Not too many people would have dared ask her. But the interviewer, her friend Jonathan Groff, did!

Questioned about the idea of dating again, Lea answered:

I'm focusing on my job and taking care of myself. Maybe in a little while I'll be like, 'What do I want?' But I'm not quite there yet.

That was a brave response, because no matter what she says, someone will have a problem with it. Whether she said she was totally ready or whether she said she's not even close to being ready, you can be sure some judgy people will think that's the wrong answer.

The truth, of course, is that Lea gets to decide when and if she's ready to date again. No one else. What good would it do her to date before she feels ready? It would just implode.

And the even more complex truth is that she may go through periods where she feels she is ready -- but after dipping her toes into the dating world a bit, she may suddenly realize the waters are icier than she thought and pull them back in. (And, please, Lea, do not read any of my posts about dating because that will depress you even more!)

She could suddenly meet someone and fall madly in love. Or she could feel she's not ready in five years. Who knows, maybe she'll go her whole life not being ready! That's her prerogative, though I certainly hope not. Cory would want her to find love again. I'm sure she wants it. But you just can't rush this stuff.

Until then, Lea sounds strong and like she's healing in the healthy way -- slowly.

Do you think Lea will start dating soon?


Image via Teen Vogue

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nonmember avatar Enough Already

It won't be that hard to start dating again. It's not like they were a real couple or anything. Man she is milking this thing!

Katrina Richards-Verdugo

This is what the writer was talking about! ^^ Lea and Cory were a SERIOUS couple for almost two years and they known each other since they first started filming Glee and it's no ones business of how serious it was it was really between Cory and Lea not the whole world! 

nonmember avatar Finnbrycen

I agree with the first comment. I mean yeah they've been DATING for two years, and he died a horrific way, it was hard for most of the world so I'm sure it is for her. But I hate that everyone is so worried about her. Cory had thousands of friends/family members that he's known way before her (I got the opportunity to talk to him at an acting class once) and he expressed to me just a yr before him and Lea went public that he had a girl he wanted to be serious with back home in Canada. Lea of course naturally should be upset but she's becoming famous off of his death. No one has payed this much attention to her before. Everyone is praising and bowing at her every move

nonmember avatar Natasha

I think people are being really disrespectful about the relationship they had together. What a joke is that 'There not a real couple' Lea and Cory were a REAL couple for two years and were discussing marriage & children before his sudden death. And also saying that Lea Michele is getting famous off the back of Cory's death is harsh. Lea Michele is famous on her own standing, she is famous because she is immensely talented and beautiful. People aren't bowing and praising her every move there just sympathetic, but seems some people on here don't know how to be respectful.

Although I do think people need to stop focusing on Cory so much now and let lea Michele be herself.

nonmember avatar Victor

I don't get why people are so negative about Lea!

Haven't you in been in love with someone and I mean true love and then to lose it with no fault of yours? I can tell you it's extremely painful and God knows it can take a long time to try and deal with it. I truly hope no one goes through the pain of it all, it isn't niece at all and we all have our own way of dealing with it.

Let Lea deal with it the best way she knows how

Moamoa Kabuati

Absolutely, i strongly agree with the last two comment.

nonmember avatar Gunny

I agree with the article. This will take time for her, as it does everyone in a similar situation. Focusing on her career and her health is a perfect way to move forward. She seems to have a great circle of friends and family to guide her. I hope she finds love again but when she's ready.

April Kelly

well i have to say enough already is wrong they were a real couple and they loved each other i think she will eventually date again but right now she needs to take the time to heal and morn the lose of cory

nonmember avatar Jasmine

I loved Cory and Lea they were Monchele but she is right Cory wouldn't want her to be alone forever...Cory will forever be in her heart and if or when she starts dating ,no guy will take Cory's place in her heart and she will never forget the love of her life....and Rachel will never in a million years forget Finn!!!!!!!

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