Christian Grey Couldn’t Possibly Look Sexier in New '50 Shades' Scene (PHOTO)

jamie dornanHi. Have you been wondering what Jamie Dornan's been up to lately? How shooting for Fifty Shades of Grey is going for him? What scene he's on? What he ate from the craft service table today? You're in luck. Well, I can answer one of those questions for you: What scene is he on?

Pictures of Dornan shooting a jogging scene for Fifty Shades have just surfaced, and my god, the man is hard to look at. I don't know what the makeup department did to him, but he looks awful. Just kidding. Despite the fact that he's wearing sweatpants, Dornan still manages to be attractive. Like, really, really attractive.

In other news, if I were a betting woman, I'd say he had the flounder at craft service today.

You know, I've gotta be honest, typically, I'm not very attracted to men who are wearing sweatpants, but somehow, Dornan manages to make them look sort of hot. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll take him in a suit over these terry cloth bad boys any day, but he manages to make them work. Also, it would be weird if he were jogging in a three-piece suit.

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I'll tell you, those Fifty Shades of Grey PR people sure know what they're doing. It seems like every few days new pics of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are leaked. And every time, it gets me a little more excited to see the movie.

Do you think Jamie's going to pull through and make an awesome Christian?


Image via Splash News

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nonmember avatar Lilly

Pour moi jamie ce prend réellement au jeu et plus on avance dans le tournage, plus je retrouve des traits de caractère de Christian chez jamie rien qu'en voyant les photos. . Et oui moi aussi à présent je fond devant un jogging en coton !

deadl... deadlights86

I think he got hit with an ugly stick. I'm glad I didn't like the books cause this guy really ruins the whole movie. If its possible to get any worse I'm not sure about that.

youth... youthfulsoul

I'm just not feeling him as Christian, even though I really wanted to keep an open mind.

Ashley Destiny Brown

This guy isnt what I imagined Christian To look like...Now if they choose Ian Somerhalder. Then the movie would of been perfect.

Debby Daud

Nope very ugly! Turn off not a turn on.

nonmember avatar SR

All you people saying they should've picked someone else need to be quiet and get over it. Jamie is Christian and that's that! I happen to find him very charming. Look at the pictures of him and Dakota in the entertainment weekly FSOG special and you'll see that he looks exactly like what Christian should look like.

Oh and for those of you who didn't read the books, you can't even complain because you didn't get to know Christian as a character.

Liz Young


Ghett... GhettoKoolAide

He's a soft average looking man. Not a strong piercing man.

Heather Sanson

reading the books i so totally see the original guy who was casted as christian totally christian i mean jamie is hot by all means and hey you never know he might actually might be the perfect christian on screen

nonmember avatar kristal

I think he's gonna do fine. He was chosen for a reason. From the scene pics I've been seeing inn my opinion he's gonna do great.

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