Jenelle Evans Has Declared War on the Wrong Person This Time

jenelle evans instagramNo matter how well things are going for her or how zen she may want to be now that she's pregnant, Teen Mom Jenelle Evans just can't seem to simmer down ... Looks like she's been taking out her aggressions on baby daddy Nathan Griffith's ex Brianna Dorris, via Twitter again.

This morning, Jenelle tweeted, "Hahaha stupid girl, thirstiest you have ever been ... Here's some water," and went on to tweet, "'In a relationship' means back the f—k off" and "Stay faithful or stay single." Lovely. After a Twitter confrontation she and Brianna had only a couple weeks back, and rumors swirling that Nathan may be making a play to get back with Brianna, this social media sparring is clearly just more of the same. In other words, a total waste of time.

More times than not, I feel like going after your S.O.'s ex is a misguided move. Just like more often than not, it's ludicrous for "the other woman" to be painted as the sole villain. This misogynistic idea of one woman stealing a man out from under another has got to go.

We're not one another's enemies ... Men obviously have something to do with it, too. After all, hello, does it not take two people to cheat?! Insecurities about a relationship need to be dealt with and discussed with your partner ... not the woman you suspect they're straying with.

Perhaps Jenelle and Nathan are talking it out one-on-one. For the sake of their baby on the way, let's hope they are. And if they really want to make it work, they've gotta zero in on their own issues and leave the past out of the picture.

Have you ever confronted a partner's ex? Why?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Aliannah

I have done this exact same thing and after awhile it's a simple thing that I realized if that girl is giving him attention he's either giving it back to her or she's doing it to crawl underneath your skin. Simple as confront both of them or drop him. Men stay loyal not because they have to but because they don't want to see someone they know they have authority over, leave them.

nonmember avatar Heather

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't MTV just air an episode if teen mom where jenelle was takin about a boy, NAMED NATHAN, who she hasn't even met yet?!?!?! And now she's already pregnant with his kid. (Not to mention, in that same episode or maybe the previous one, she just had an abortion. Or was currently going through the process of one) I have no idea of the time line in which the showed is filmed then aired, but I can't imagine it's no more than, what, 6 months? Give or take. That's waaaayyyy too soon to be having a baby with someone new. I get that "surprises" happen and all but can't this chick learn from her mistakes. And how about she work on gettin in her life in order for the first child she has? How about takin it slow after being separated from ur very short lived marriage? How about taking it slow after that very resent abortion you just had?

Good lord, someone help this girl get it together.

nonmember avatar Whitney

Heather, what you see now on MTV is a year old.

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