New Bruce Jenner Photos Won’t Put Those Sex Change Rumors to Bed

New pictures have emerged of Bruce Jenner and wowie, yeah, Bruce looks different. It's been rumored that Bruce has been transitioning into a woman though Bruce has denied it. It would seem odd to deny something that will come out eventually, so it probably is a bunch of hooey, however, truth is, Bruce has undergone some major changes lately. He's grown his hair long and flowy, and in these new pics isn't even wearing it in his usual ponytail. The pics show him emerging from what is reported to be the clinic where he underwent a laryngeal shave to smooth down his Adam's apple. Bandages on his neck would indeed point to some kind of procedure.

When news broke of the impending Adam's apple surgery, Bruce explained that he wasn't transitioning to be female -- he just never liked his Adam's apple. Fair enough.

But then he supposedly cancelled the surgery -- but now it appears he went through with it. Reportedly, he also discussed getting his penis removed too, but that could be a heaping helping of malarkey.

What isn't debatable is that Bruce's overall look has morphed quite a bit. He's now got full lips on which he appears to often wear lip gloss. He wears earrings. He wears a French manicure.

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Oh, and I'm just going to put this out there, many are noticing that Bruce appears to have some changes going on around the chest area. How do I put this delicately? Man boobs. But lots of men have that -- it could just be age. It could also be hormonal treatments.

Bruce and his family claim they laugh off rumors of Bruce's impending femalehood, but Star magazine begs to differ. It says that at least one member of the family -- Kim, of course! -- feels that Bruce is "stealing her thunder." She apparently wants to be the only woman walking down the aisle on her wedding day, and does wants her stepdad, Bruce, to give her away -- not her stepmom Brenda. The source claims:

Kim had her heart set on a traditional ceremony with Bruce walking her down the aisle. But if he’s a woman by then, she absolutely won’t have it.

Oh, please, Kim. Bruce had to put up with your sex tape, your 72-day marriage. Cut him some slack! You are hardly perfect!

Well, whatever is going on with Bruce, I hope it makes him happy. He looks kind of frail in these photos, I hope there's nothing wrong with him healthwise and all of this speculation is really off the mark.

What do you think is going on with Bruce?

Image via RevolutionPix/PacificCoastNews



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Sheri Anne

Who Cares. It's his life. He was a pansy for many years living with Kris..obviously she wore the pants and he was the yes dear person.
Maybe it affected his sense of manhood.
Or maybe you all have to write something, so why not pick on Bruce.

My Dad gets manicures and he is not looking for a sex change. He jus likes his hands to look nice for being in his profession owing A business. He thinks un-kept hands look nasty..

Get over the Kardishian/Jenner's you all keep them in the news with this non-sense.

youth... youthfulsoul

Nothing. He looks the same as always.

nonmember avatar brenda

Midlife crisis. I don't think he wants a sex change, he's just going thru a lot of personal changes and finding himself and what makes him happy. Probably for the first time in decades. If id spent 20 plus years with the kardashians I'd be losing my fn mind, so I give him props

poshkat poshkat

Lol Kim wants a traditional wedding...I don't care if he wants to be a woman, makes no difference to me. If he's happy than whatever floats his boat

nonmember avatar BostonBob

Hanging out with the K's just encourages strangeness.

But whatever he wants to do should be fine with us.

KW1280 KW1280

He was in the Kardashians family enough said

nonmember avatar Irrelevant

Mid life.crisis. The k fam is old now. Lets move om already! We need something new an they.are old news. Either step up your "reality" bs or mobe.on its.old already.alot of people.are bored n could give.a F_ less.find some new relevant s hit to post on!.f ing.annoyed

Alphonso de Barbo

Bruces face is messed up, but I don't see the man boobs everyone keeps saying he is developing.  Bruce actually looks very fit for his age.  Men's pecs do drop a little as they age so it is really just a case of gravity in my opinion. 

But if the rumours are true and he does have the full op done, I wonder who will be the first to pop his cherry?  Scott is a dead loss, so that rules him out, Robert Jnr is too fat - he even said his penis has disappeared, Harry Styles would probably be revolted, so that just leaves Kanye...  and Kanye probably won't be able to resist, as he's proved he is willing to f u c k anything...

nonmember avatar Stacy

I think everyone should leave him alone. It's not a stupid sex change people just need someone to talk about.

nonmember avatar Ann

I think he may be transitioning.I looked at pics of him older ones and there is something funny about him.Would not suprise me,but if he is I wish he would just say so.

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