'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Is 'Dying' for Attention These Days

kailyn lowryDrama follows the Teen Mom ladies around. Part of that crazy is perhaps multiplied by the editing MTV does, and the rest is brought on by the mamas themselves. Oh yes, it is! Hey. We all do it. Drama happens. To some more than others depending on how Sarah Bernhardt they are. My mom likes to call me and now my daughter Sarah when the drama queen comes out. So yeah. I have my moments. Kailyn Lowry is having her moment right now. 

We all know she's been working out. Getting the body healthy. Good for her. But then she goes and takes the no pain no gain thing to a whole other level of woe is me.

Check out her tweet:

Oh Kail. You feel like you died? Really? Don't you know it's bad luck to say things like that (according to my superstitious mind). Don't be such a Sarah! Take it back. Take back that "died" stuff right this minute. 

Look, I get it. Working out is without a doubt a form of torture. Which is precisely why I am rabidly against it. But I have mad respect for those who sweat it out amongst dumbbells in the same kind of clothes I like to wear to lounge around my house while I drink coffee and read magazines (and watch Teen Mom). It's superbly awesome that Kail is getting fit and all that, but maybe she could just post some makeup-free pics of herself at the gym like Kourtney Kardashian does. Avoid the word "died." Say her muscles are burning like a ring of fire. Note how her legs are so worn out it's like she's weak in the knees in the same way she was when she first met Javi Marroquin.

Or ... do what you do and tell the masses your workout nearly killed you so we can all cheer you on and say, "You can do it! Awww poor Kail working so dang hard it hurts so bad!" We'll take the bait.

What do you think of Kailyn's use of the word "died"? Is she fishing for praise?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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nonmember avatar laurie

Reeeeeally, why is this worthy of a dragged-out article? She can tweet whatever she wants and this really is not a shocking statement.

nonmember avatar abbie

Seriously?! This article is so stupid. Work outs kill me t ok. Who the hell cares. She has every right to put that up. Whoever right these things seriously needs to stop because they make no sense!

Ajack324 Ajack324

Slow news day I guess... Yea, really pointless article. Title doesn't quite fit what I was expecting either. But, as much as I do like the stir, it's kinda par for the course many times.

nonmember avatar liz

Seriously? It's her twitter she can say what she wants. Get a life.

OneTo... OneToughMami

I thought these were supposed to be more news like and less blog like lol

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