Sean & Catherine Lowe Take Wedding Night Sex Where It Should Never Go

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Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciThis is so stinkin' disappointing, I'm not even sure where to begin. After all of the anticipation surrounding them finally "consummating" their relationship after their January 26 nuptials, you'd think details of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's wedding night sex would be something they wouldn't dare to share with anyone.

But it appears as though they've done just that, based on the new cover of US Weekly indicating that they went ahead and dished about some of their bedroom moments to the media.

Of course we want to hear more about the wedding and all of the fun that likely went down at the reception. But do we really need any more details on what happened in the honeymoon suite after the festivities were over? Duh. We know they spent a good 90 seconds or so getting it on. (I'm not trying to be mean. The dude hadn't had sex in ages. That's all I'm sayin'.)

But why are they so willing to let the world in on such a private, intimate moment in their lives -- when they spent the better part of their engagement talking about how sacred the wedding night was to them?

Oh, that's right, I almost forgot. The promise of money and a little additional fame work wonders as far as getting people to spill their secrets.

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I'm sorry, I'm truly happy for them and all -- but Sean and Catherine have really cheapened their marriage, first by talking so much about the wedding night sex during their wedding special, and now by talking about the actual deed to a magazine.

It almost seems like they waited for marriage to have sex simply for the sake of gaining even more publicity after the fact -- though I really hate to think that could actually be true.

Hopefully they'll remained tight-lipped about their private time together from here on out though. The last thing we need to hear is a play-by-play of their entire honeymoon.

Do you think Sean and Catherine sold out for fame and fortune?


Image via Us Weekly

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nonmember avatar Kimber

I agree. This should have been kept private. TMI and a sad attempt to stay in the public eye.

Carolyn Buck

I think what goes on in the bedroom between a husband and wife should remain between them only! If the new Mr. and Mrs. Loew want to devulge their private acts they are as low as they can go!

Sonya Nelson

Let people do and say what they want. You can choose not to listen.

Thomas Peterson

They both took lie detector tests & they were not lieing about not having sex before marriage, so they have something to crow about, how many others can pass that test????????????????????

Robin Schlager Shaye

Don't berate them for taking the offer... How many young couples just starting out would turn down such a generous financial bonus when beginning their married life? So - they were enthusiastic...I say, "Good for them!"

nonmember avatar aron

I'm curious why your writings are all so cynical concerning this couples' activities and lifestyle. You sound so very jealous!

nonmember avatar elsa

Yeah, for me, that stuff is definitely private. Anyway, I mainly just wanted to say that lie detector tests are far from infallible. Plenty of people (like sociopaths, as many as 1 in 7 of us) have NO problem lying with ease. They can pass those tests while lying.

Eileen Rule


nonmember avatar maya robles

OMG! it just the tabloid headline to sell their magazine, they never gave an interview about their night. after the wedding they left the country and we haven't heard from them yet :(

Railr... RailroadGirl

Their relationship was tacky from the start. Anybody who goes onto the Bachalor to find love is cheap. They don't care about morals or privacy so why wouldn't they publish their honeymoon night.

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