Ramona Singer Walked In on Her Husband With His Girlfriend -- Wow

ramona singerA few seasons ago on Real Housewives of New York, a psychic in Morocco told Ramona Singer that her husband was cheating on her. LuAnn Delesseps, Jill Zarin, and a few other Housewives were practically foaming at the mouth at the allegation, but Ramona wasn't buying it. According to her, she and Mario were rock solid.

So much for that.

It turns out the psychic was right. According to reports, Mario has been cheating on Ramona for some time now, and although the Real Housewives star has been denying it and trying to make it seem like they're perfectly fine, a source claims that Ramona caught Mario with his girlfriend at their Hamptons home this past weekend, and the couple has since separated.


People is reporting that after Ramona saw Mario and his girlfriend in her vacation house, all hell broke loose. "She made a big scene and called the police," says the source. Yet still, "She did not want a divorce. Ramona loves her life. She loves Mario."

I can't imagine the pain Ramona is going through right now. Not only does it sound like she really loves Mario, divorcing him would mean a completely different life for her. No more hanging out with their couple friends; no more holidays together; no more coming home to someone at the end of the day. But still. If he's cheating on her -- hell, has a girlfriend -- leave him, already. It may cause more pain in the short term, but one thing's for sure, there will be way more long-term suffering if she stays with him. And, although it will probably break her daughter Avery's heart to see her parents split up, they absolutely should not stay to together for her sake. That's never a good idea.

All along, I naively thought Mario was a decent dude whose flirting with the other Housewives was completely innocent. I even laughed when he ogled Sonja Morgan during her burlesque show, chalking it up to "Mario just being Mario." Little did I know, the whole time, he was giant skeeze ball in disguise.

Sadly, I guess that makes two of us. Stay strong, Ramona.

Do you think Ramona and Mario should divorce?


Image via Ramona Singer/Instagram

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