Dean McDermott Cheated on Tori Spelling Because He 'Needed' More Sex

Tori SpellingPoor Tori Spelling. Despite doing everything she could to make Dean McDermott happy in the sex department despite being pregnant four times and almost dying in one of those pregnancies, apparently it wasn't enough for him. People magazine reports that Dean apparently cheated with a woman he met at a Toronto hotel because he just wasn't getting enough at home. The source says that Dean:

 ... has always been keen on having a very active and imaginative sex life.

Which is great and all except they have four kids.

This reason jibes with what the other woman, Emily Goodhand, said Dean told her. According to her, he confessed:

I love my wife. I love her so much, but she just won’t sleep with me.

The sources tell People, however, that Tori did everything she could to accommodate Dean's apparently insatiable sex drive, saying:

It’s always been important to her to keep her husband happy, even when it’s hard for her because she’s been sick or pregnant. So the fact that after all that, he cheated on her so publicly, is devastating.

Well, he didn't cheat on her publicly -- the woman went public. I don't know when famous dudes are gonna learn that they take a huge risk cheating. As long as tabs will pay for stories, there will always be other women willing to screw and tell.

And if Star magazine is to be believed (that's a big IF), this wasn't a one-time deal. Dean might have cheated repeatedly -- with both women and men.

If that's true, I hope Tori doesn't think rehab will change him. How sad.

But this is a common problem in relationships -- women are not only expected to bear the children, but take on most of their care, as well as work, run the house, and be sex sirens in the sack. It's just impossible! And yet women feel like if they can't do it all, the guy might step out on them. Let's see a guy get pregnant four times, give birth four times, have their bodies torn apart, almost die, breastfeed while running around after toddlers, work to bring home money, take care of the house, and then be rock hard and ready to go for hours like Christian Grey on a Viagra cocktail. I don't think so!

Part of being in a committed relationship is realizing and accepting that the relationship and its priorities change. That isn't to say that sex should disappear. But it's not going to be as frequent or spicy as it once was. That's just natural. And you set aside those sexual urges sometimes to support your spouse and keep the love and trust -- in other words, you sacrifice for your family. After all, is it THAT big a sacrifice?

Unfortunately, his cheating on her was supposedly something she "always feared." Tori reportedly said that she will "never trust Dean again."

Pals say they are working on the marriage, but it doesn't look good.

Dean just needs to grow up and realize that the world doesn't revolve around his John Thomas.

Do you have sexual disagreements with your spouse?


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nonmember avatar Jules

As much as I enjoyed their show, cheating is how they became about. If he will cheat with you he will cheat on you. Plain and simple

1stYr... 1stYrDivorce

I had the opposite problem. My husband's libido completely disappeared and so did our sex life. I'm talking NO SEX at all. I never cheated on him, but after years of therapy, I filed for divorce.

Sheri Anne

I think Tori should leave Dean. Once a cheater always a cheater. He should of thought with his heart and the head on his shoulders and not give in to the one in his pants..
To me his excuse is poor at best. He's got 2 hands and 10 fingers no reason he could not take care of the deed himself. Instead he puts it off on Tori for not giving it up. You think she really wants to give it up now that he has done this..NO WAY. It pisses me off as a women to see he is trying to make Tori out to be the bad one. Any man that cheats is a poor excuse for a man..REHAB..Please what are they gonna cut it off so he cant use it..There is not enough love in the world to stay with a cheater.obviously she did give it up a lot she was pregnant 4 times in a short amount of time. Take the blame Dean, you did the deed now own up to it be a man and not a wossy.

lobus lobus

Well I remember her saying that the reason why she got pregnant so quickly with her fourth I think it was was because she had sex with him so soon after birth that she didn't think she'd get pregnant. I knew that was bad because any woman who feels she needs to give it up after birth is insecure and any man who makes his wife have sex with him before she's ready after birth is a dirtbag and only cares about one thing.

nonmember avatar Teresa Marie

On the new show Tori says, "I don't know what I did to deserve this". REALLY? Are you kidding? It is called Karma. She ruined another woman's marriage when she screwed and carried on an illicit relationship with that fruit loop. Now she is getting it back. She needs to stop the crying, stop playing a victim and COPE...a four-letter word.

Carlor Beard

Nobody needs more sex! That is crazy. I have been on this earth for 60 years and I know people. Infidelity is selfishness. It is being tired of your commitment and being disrespectful to the person who you made the agreement. Think about it. No one has to be unfaithful. Just like you made a deal, you can go back to the person and break the deal. You are free after that! Why can't you end relationships before you start new ones??? We are people with very poor boundaries. Being without boundaries causes lots of pain and heartache. I am so sorry for Tori. No matter what she did before, She of all people realizes that having no boundaries causes the greatest pain to all involved.

nonmember avatar vicky

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