Taylor Swift 'Attacked' During Grammys Performance & It's Awesome (VIDEO)


Taylor SwiftLet me just say up front that I do not condone violence against Taylor Swift. I may find her annoying, from her earwormy music to her patented awards show "Oh I am so shocked I have won yet again!" face (which she deployed a little too quickly during the Grammys on Sunday) to her unnecessarily bitchy response to being the target of a Tina Fey joke ("There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women"). But let's be clear: I definitely don't think Taylor Swift should be repeatedly kicked in the face, either while playing a piano or in any other situation.

That said, I am greatly enjoying the incredible Street Fighter/Taylor Swift video that's been circulating since the Grammys, which imagines a world in which her head-banging during "All Too Well" was actually the result of taking a well-aimed foot to the forehead.

I missed her hair-whipping, neck-snapping performance of "All Too Well" during the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, but some clever person took a look at her repeated head tosses and saw what was missing: Ryu from Street Fighter.

Here's Taylor Swift, taking some high kicks like a champ:

Sadly, Ryu was no match for Swift’s relationship-plundering, intense-piano-flailing talent, and she continually bounced back like a pro. He must train harder, and perhaps they will meet again someday. In a celebrity-studded audience, maybe, as he nails her right in that surprised O face of hers.

Are you a rabid Taylor Swift fan who's never ever ever going to talk to me again, like, EVER?

Image via YouTube

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nonmember avatar Kristi

Very funny! Seriously though, why doesn't anyone have a problem with Lorde and her seizures? They left me totally....blech....

Peggy Hamburg

Well that explains it! I thought perhaps it was some sort of bizarre siezure that left her able to stay on the bench and still play piano while having a public siezure!

nonmember avatar megan stagles

We are never ever talking, like ever!

Kim Aaron Fanning

She makes me angry, yet I can never look away. 

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