'50 Shades' Producers Tease Sexy Scene Fans Have Been Waiting For (PHOTOS)

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charlie tango helicopter fifty shadesMy oh my Fifty Shades of Grey fans are sure to be psyched this week! While word is that some seriously steamy scenes have been shot already on the Vancouver set of the flick, we haven't gotten much of a peek at the sexiest, most romantic bits -- until now. Charlie Tango has arrived!

For the uninitiated, that's the name of Christian Grey's Eurocopter, which he pilots and uses frequently to travel back and forth between Seattle and Portland. Most memorably, he uses it to seduce transport Ana and bring her to his Emerald City penthouse. We can only conclude that the cast and crew have been hard at work bringing that scene to life after E.L. James and producers Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti posted sneak peeks of Charlie! Check 'em out ...

As for De Luca, he shared his own personal pictures from the shoot on Facebook last Thursday night. One image shows Grey's fictional “Grey Enterprises” logo and another of the helicopter taking flight. Exciiiiting!

Next up: We may get some glimpses of scenes rumored to have been shot at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, which is a stand-in for the Heathman Hotel, where you may recall Ana, along with friends Jose and Kate, take a suite to do a photo shoot for their school newspaper of the famous Mr. Grey. Hot!

Are you psyched to see Charlie Tango has "landed"?


Image via Michael De Luca/Facebook

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ilove... ilovemyrileybug

What is sexy about his helocopter? You got me excited for nothing....the movie isnt going to be that great anyway since I hear that they are toning it down so kids under 18 can see it in the theatre. Kids shouldnt even read the book let alone watch this kind of movie. Very disappointed.

nonmember avatar Kelli

I call BS. That's not sexy at all...

Sandra Helms

I think the haters that keep saying the movie isn't going to be good and blah blah blah....need to leave.  Don't go see it, don't hate on it....


Kay7684 Kay7684

I agree Sandra.


nonmember avatar Donna

Ok- I may be wrong... But isn't Charlie Tango blue? I've read the series at least 4 times, and for the life of me I believe it's blue. But like I said- I could be wrong. Lol

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