'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Shouldn't Have to Act Like a Nun

Jenelle EvansLet's face it, Teen Mom fans. Jenelle Evans doesn't always make it easy to like her. The Teen Mom 2 star has been a lightning rod for criticism over the years, and much of her trouble is of her own making. But are folks being a little hard on the pregnant reality star about her impending divorce?

Well ... maybe. This week's Teen Mom 2 episode introduced the world to Jenelle's boyfriend (and now baby daddy-to-be) Nathan Griffith, and we learned that she'd sought him out by using a dating app. Her mom, Barbara, and friend, Tori, both questioned whether she was diving back into the dating pool a little soon considering she was still married to Courtland Rogers, and we certainly asked the same questions!

But Jenelle has come out with a pretty reasonable explanation for it all this week.

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In a Sulia post titled, "Squashing the speculation on my broken marriage!" Jenelle says it's all OK because she's not WITH Courtland:

Lots of people ask me daily if I am legally separated from my estranged husband or not. He and I have been legally separated since last spring, I am just waiting until the waiting period is up that I can file divorce papers!

Fair enough, right?

Separations can take a long, long, long time, depending on where you live. I know someone who had to wait two years for her divorce to come through, even though the marriage was really long over. They didn't have any kids together, and when she started dating again, even became pregnant, I didn't see any reason to judge her. She wasn't stepping out on her husband! It was just a piece of paper that hadn't cleared.

So why is it that we've all (yup, a little guilty here) been expecting Jenelle to live like a nun?

We KNOW that Courtland wasn't exactly a nice guy, and they're legally separated ... she has the right to move on. And here's hoping this one sticks. It would be nice for little Jace to have some stability in his life.

What do you think of Jenelle's claims?


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Mommy... Mommy1438

No comments?! Lmao xD. I honestly think nobody gives a s***.. IMO she's a stupid teenager who should've gave her boy up for closed adoption, as she wants to be an immature teen and definitely is NOT ready to raise a kid, especially not two. Ridiculous. DHS should take this baby away as soon as it's born. She isn't ready to set aside boys, smoking, partying, etc. to selflessly take care of another being..

nonmember avatar Dani

What planet are you writting this from?! She went on a dating app a WEEK after her husband went to jail!!! Who is saying she should live like a nun?! She should ACT LIKE A MOM. Whoooooo abandons their kid, then JUST after her "soulmate" went to jail starts looking to date? She should fix her relationship with her son instead of acting like a dick hopping thirsty deadbeat. Are you people blind?! She is a MOTHER. She's had 4 yrs. to sort her crack ass out, it's time to focus on her kid. Who by the looks of it is a little punk ass. Sorry not sorry.

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