'Couples Therapy' Recap: Farrah Abraham Isn't Looking Quite So Bad Anymore

Farrah Abraham Couples TherapyWe're five episodes into Couples Therapy, and it was starting to look like the Farrah Abraham therapy show. The Teen Mom is the only celebrity to end up on the VH1 series without her partner, yet she's taken up enough time for the both of them! If you tuned in for more Farrah drama tonight, you might have been a little disappointed.

But only a little. While Farrah's problems mostly took the back burner to Ghostface Killa dropping a bomb on girlfriend Kelsey in the form of a secret girlfriend he's been dating or two years and Sada Bettencourt and Whitney Mixter trying to find a way to make their marriage work, tonight Farrah opened up about how her sex life has affected her life.

No surprise here -- it's not been good for her. 

Farrah has actually diagnosed herself with being in a "sexual depression" -- don't laugh, therapist Dr. Jenn Berman said it's a good term -- and confesses she's unsure about why people want to have sex with her:

When I’m going to date somebody, and I’m thinking about, ‘Oh if I have sex with this person, ‘I’m just wondering why they’re wanting to have sex. I just always feel like they’re always trying to control me in some way, like they’re trying to f–ing break me in some way.

Good grief! I know I can't be the only one who went into this whole thing hoping Farrah would finally get some help, but I don't know that I expected it to be so darn sad seeing her go through all of this.

This is not a healthy way to look at sex! Sex is supposed to be fun! She's 22, unattached; she should be having the time of her life, not be afraid of being touched!

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Come to think of it, this was the second episode in a row where we were treated to something that actually made us feel bad for Farrah! Might the tables be turning?

I will say it was especially interesting to see Farrah's story put up against some of the other couple's tonight because she's been cast as one of the Couples Therapy's super villains, but when you compare her screwed up life to what some of her co-stars are doing, Farrah starts looking REALLY good.

At least she didn't spring a secret girlfriend of two years on her significant other and expect her to be fine with it ... and then belittle her feelings when she was (golly gee whiz) upset. Or call her significant other a "p---y" (Jon Gosselin's girlfriend dropped that little gem). Most of the hurting Farrah is doing is to herself.

And from the looks of the promos for next week, there's a whole lot more hurt in store. Dr. Jenn said that Farrah has shared some of the "most horrific things" she's ever heard.

Compare Farrah and Ghost -- who do YOU like more?


Image via VH1

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Cleo Mason

I think that Farrah's problems would be easier ago deal with and move on from if she would just be honest, with herself and everyone else. She has a problem dealing with her sexual issues because she chooses to down play them and deny the obvious. She has to first come clean with the porno lie. There is no she can honestly believe within herself that she can convince people different from the obvious. I have watched a lot of prom amateur and professional. And the biggest pointer to the "leaked" lie she is trying to stick with is the fact that the two having sex we're not holding a camera, neither was there a stationary camera. There was CLEARLY a CAMERAMAN, and she was clearly PERFORMING! Most of us know what a sex tape made in privacy looks like we saw it with KK and RJ, PH and her ex, RK while pissing on people and so on and so forth. They cameras were either held by the participants or placed in a stationary position catching the action. Come on now Farrah...Really? The first step in moving past any situation is admittance of the truth and the willingness to work through it. The first step to getting past it with the public is again honesty, no one likes to be told they are smelling roses when they can clearly see its feces.

Jai Hutto

Ghostface Killa is a SUPREME ASSHOLE. Kelsey deserves so much better than that degenerate, sorry excuse for a man. He's pissed because Kelsey admitted that she was a stripper at one point in her life...YEARS BEFORE SHE EVEN MET HIM....but he thinks it's perfectly ok to have another woman on the side? WHY....I repeat...WHY do beautiful, smart women end up with fucktards like that???? WTF???

grayc... graycalico

Ghost face is ridiculous. Such a double standard. Farrah is such a weird being that it's not hard to believe that something horrific in her past made her that way. Except she's such a liar it'll be hard to know if what she's saying happened really did

nonmember avatar Girl Squared

Ghostface is a textbook sociopath. He hurts people for his own amusement and has no empathy or insight whatsoever. His mommy definitely didn't hold him enough as a baby because he's devoid of human emotion. Totally dead inside.

I've had enough of Farrah's fake, tearless whispery crying too. Nothing she reveals will make me feel sorry for her. She's probably had a far more privileged life than most of us.

nonmember avatar jack

Berman looks good and I don't mean just her looks. Just started watching. She caught that dismissal. Killa, I'm a little uncomfortable saying, is the only one there that doesn't need counseling. Sweet-16, I feel sorry for her. The porn thing is a big deal for her. Housewife? Just like a woman. Killa's woman? She's young and girl-vulnerable. The gay couple? Haven't seen much of the show yet. Jon? It's just part of life. Make the best with what you got.

nonmember avatar Notfarrahfan

I am sure that Farrah will get on there and cry about how horribly she has been treated. If anyone wonders about her, watch "16 & pregnant" or "Teen Mom". She was a royal bitch to her parents and everyone around her. Her sense of entitlement is just mind boggling. She obviously has a VERY high opinion of herself and doesn't care how she treats other people. Her parents bent over backwards for her and she treated them like sh*t. She is so fake, you can't believe ANYTHING that comes out of her mouth.

nonmember avatar txchica

I agree that the only way for anyone to even start to feel bad for Farrah is for her to come clean about the p0rn tape. Gina R. (her ex manager) suggested it & convinced her that it would make her a star, Vivvid hired her as an actor, paired her with one of their biggest stars & shot the film. They then attempted to plant the story about Farrah & James dating, which didn't work out because Deen refused to lie about it.Then Vivvid proceeded to plant the story about Farrah "selling" the tape to them (she never actually owned it) for 1.5 million in order to create interest in the tape & to increase traffic on their p0rn sites when the truth was she was paid $10,000 + residuals-production costs. THAT is the way it went down. Fess up Farrah...especially if you really want help.

nonmember avatar Guest

Farrah nothing but alil attention whore. She knew what she was doing when she made that tape. You can even see pictures of her online holding a promo of her video. So if this video was private then why been seen promote it. Nothing but alil ass shut who can't take care of her daughter. Another disgusting whore that should be taken out n beaten

nonmember avatar Mayboch123

I cant take Farrahs lies anymore, so I was trollin. Hit UTube "TheTest" there she says she Hired James Deen 2 do a Porno w/her!That the Porno $ helpd pay her bills!! But more sickening is the way she treats her poor parents on national tv! Cold hearted & sick! Just watch it 4 urself 2 put the/her lies 2 bed (pun intended)

nonmember avatar MT

I have lost any respect I have for a TV doctor. The fact that Jenn believes the sociopath about her missing partner, porn career and abuse is embarrassing and disgusting.

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