8 Hot Celebrity Butt Selfies … Because They’re Totally a Thing Now (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian's buttJust when I thought there was nothing more obnoxious than a selfie, we've now entered into a world of belfies. Belfies = butt selfies and they're totally acceptable now. Clearly, modesty has gone completely out the window.

But still, this trend is fairly new and only few have mastered it. The key to a good belfie is not to try so hard -- or at least, make it look like you haven't tried so hard. If you take a photo and your butt just so happens to be in the picture, so be it. That's a good belfie. But to stand in front of the mirror bent over ... that's just embarrassing.

Well, anyway. Belfies are here to stay. So check out some of the best (or worst? You decide) we've found:

kardashians start slideshow


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nonmember avatar Jaide

Man, Audrey O'Day is looking rough these days. I thought it was Courtney Stodden til I saw the booty and realized it definitely couldn't be Stodden lol

nonmember avatar me

These are all bad but maybe pictures like these will help some gjrls to be ok with their butts, not try to starve themselves into sickly thin rails because you cant do a belfie if you have nothing to photograph

BGarcel BGarcel

I thought these were a thing waaay back in the myspace years, perhaps from even before then. And what's so bad about them in general? At the beach and pool, you see butts everywhere.

nonmember avatar John

Only two of the seven shots are belfies. The rest are just random pics of celebrity booty. Not sure that constitutes a "belfie trend".

Rando... Randomlady

Some of these are tasteful photos like Miley (surprising right?) and the last one. It's only the one's where she seems obvious about pointing out her rear that makes no sense...especially Kim, we get it already.

nonmember avatar Aubreynowayoday

It's over Aubrey , ur 15 minutes went when u got ur misshaped butt fired by trump, mow u stay in the news by taking half naked pics of ur used up self, desperate much? Go away slug

nonmember avatar Michael

What, no Jennette McCurdy?

nonmember avatar Ms. Emma Jessy

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