Vin Diesel Dances to Beyonce & You MUST See His Penguin Moves (VIDEO)


Vin DieselLet's say, just theoretically, Fast and Furious uber-action-stud Vin Diesel were to release a video of himself dancing to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" and Beyonce's "Drunk in Love." I don't mean some little 6-second Vine clip, either. I mean a 7-minute, 29-second long video. Would you guess that he'd only do this if he had some seriously impressive dance skills?

Because if so, you'd be wrong. OH SO WRONG. Vin Diesel's surprisingly lengthy, hilariously terrible dance video selfie is ... I don't even know. It's like watching an Emperor penguin tearing it up on the dance floor. It's even worse than my husband, whose default moves include a mimed ass slap. It's so bad I officially love Vin Diesel for sharing it, because only someone with a fantastic sense of humor would do so.

So here's what Vin Diesel posted to his Facebook page early Tuesday, Jan. 28:



You thought I was kidding about the penguin thing, didn't you? I WAS SO NOT KIDDING ABOUT THE PENGUIN THING.

I am also deeply enjoying whatever is happening here:

And here:

Aaaaaaaand here:

If you're wondering what had him so happy he was busting those amazing moves all over the place, it's because Universal had just told him his film Riddick was number one on the DVD charts. Aw, Vin Diesel was just too excited to sit still!

In conclusion, I love it, and I love him. Even though Riddick was terrible.

Are you totally going to work Vin Diesel's signature penguin waddle into your dance routine now?

Images via Facebook

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SaphireH SaphireH

watched it and omg lol

nonmember avatar samantha

I watched this video on Facebook like 10 times lmao he is extremely funny an cute!

Sandy Hazelbaker

He is lucky that he is hot,but that was too funny.

Erin Butcher

i love it when celebs post things like this.  so many people put them up on pedestals and its good to remind everyone that they goof off and do silly things too :)

RoboKitty Davis

with all that some dance lessons

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