'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Carlton Gebbia Is Actually a Witch

Carlton GebbiaCarlton Gebbia finally got the major screen time we've been waiting for -- and she did not disappoint. But if you were expecting her sexy Americana-themed pool party and the debauchery therein to provide the camera-ready moments, you were in for a big surprise. In fact, it was Carlton's behavior after the party that had this couch-sitter's eyes all agog more than any amount of body-painted pole-dancing ever could.

While at Yolanda Foster's house painting some sweet gifts for Yo's daughter Gigi and sipping lemonade, Carlton pronounced that she "sensed" Kyle Richards was talking about her behind her back. Here's why this was super strange: At her pool party the previous day, Carlton seemed to have warmed to Kyle after Ms. Richards made the lovely overture of peace to her hostess by quite literally offering her the jewels from about her neck. 

Kyle did this, quite simply, because she has no clue where she stands with stormy Carlton. Sadly, the Wiccan Brit can't stand her. She thinks Kyle's -- genuine, I believe -- goofy questions are deliberate slights and jibes at the expense of Carlton's deeply felt system of beliefs. For half a second after Kyle gifted her, things seemed to be all well. Carlton's no slouch. I figured she finally gleaned that Kyle is just a ditz, not a villain.

But then the lemonade at Casa de Yo. Oh, the lemonade. Carlton insisted Kyle was mocking her faith ... because she had a dream it was true. That's it. Just a dream. I had a dream that John Stamos touched my butt -- that doesn't (sadly) make it true. The crazier part was that when the women tried to reason with her about this mental leap, she just got angrier and angrier until eventually she put a spell on Joyce's husband who became gravely ill that night. You guys, I'm not even joking. RHOBH is basically just Roald Dahl's The Witches now. This is the world we live in. So make sure your kids don't go getting sucked inside any paintings I guess.

The Witches

Do you think Kyle has been talking about Carlton?

Images via BravoTV/ Tumblr

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nonmember avatar MaryFlores

She is so ugly n nasty she needs to keep her love life to her self

nonmember avatar MaryFlores

She is ugly n rude

nonmember avatar c smith

She is a nasty person. Need to get her off there she probably really did do a spell on Joyce s husband. She is ugly and mean

nonmember avatar sandy

Carlton's dream could have been a dream reflecting her own insecurity: Feeling misunderstood and a bit paranoid, due to others' lack of knowledge about Wicca. On the other hand, it is possible that Carlton dreams clairvoyantly or prophetically, which would mean that Kyle was/is talking about her. Or the dream could have been a combo: Kyle probably is talking about her, but perhaps not at all with any mean-spiritedness. Most likely scenario: Kyle is talking to others about Carlton, because she genuinely does not understand Carlton and is determined to figure out how to relate to her.

Patricia DelMonico

no, if anyone is talking is carlton about Kyle - she's constantly talking about her.

Rhonda Fomby

Oh please!  They all talk about each other.  To say she dreamed it was so, had a vision, or whatever is rather lame!


wendy... wendywendy

I had a dream that boring Carlton wasn't asked back next season.  Fingers crossed it's true.

nonmember avatar Annamaria

I think that Carlton is all about shock value how many times is she going to mention she loves women who cares. In this day and age where sex sells everything wow so original. She is rude she likes Brandi who is rude acts like a wounded child and gets away with her behavior. But she judges Kyle and Joyce who are nice to her every time. Just amazing to me get a life your rich, supposedly happy in your marriage but this is what you choose to spend your day on. They really need to get a grip. Just plain judge mental. Carlton Wiccan is great so are the other religions. No one gets scared when you threaten the dark side of Wiccan. She just comes off as a mean girl with not much substance other then she talks dirty all the time. Who cares just boring on tv.

nonmember avatar Vee

Why do all these really wealthy women look like and have the names of, men??

Wendy Aleman

Carlton is ugly.  I think she needs to go away.  

Joyce is pretty and nice and I think she should be given a chance but they won't because she is normal.  They want crazies like Brandi and Carlton.  That's what people tune in for (so they think)


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