'Bachelor' Recap: Juan Pablo's 2 Villains Only Have Eyes for Each Other

Juan Pablo Galavis & ladies

Well, geez! That was uncomfortable. Now that we're into a few weeks of The Bachelor, the claws are coming out and the women are finally starting to show their true colors -- unbeknownst to Juan Pablo Galavis.

Seriously ... the poor dude doesn't have a clue. He's all sorts of sexy. And he seems like an amazing dad -- but he can't read women. Like at all. (Maybe the language barrier is getting in his way?)

He obviously is blind to the girls in the "house" who seem to have their eye on winning the competition versus becoming his wife and a stepmom to Camila.

Duh. I'm talking about Nikki and Clare. Don't get me wrong -- I kind of like them both, but they both seem to be out for blood. They want Juan Pablo, and they want him NOW. (Not that you can really blame them.)

And it's obvious that the two of them have the whole competitive spirit thing in common. Translation -- they hate each other. And we can totally expect things to get even more heated between them from here on out as they fight for Juan Pablo's affection. Clare is an attention hogger. For sure. But Juan Pablo really seems to dig it. Hell, the girl told him she threw up in her mouth and swallowed it and he still wanted to make out with her. I'd take that as a positive sign.

And Nikki? Well, she broke the cardinal rule of Bachelor etiquette by stealing away Juan Pablo when she already had a rose -- so he must really dig her even though she doesn't give a hoot about manners.

What's really odd though, is that both Nikki and Clare seem to care more about which one of them gets more time with Juan Pablo than Juan Pablo himself. (And that ain't good.)

But OMG. How awesome does next week's preview look? Freakin' FINALLY -- it looks like we'll get a good dose of tears, drama, and people falling apart. (Which is why we tune into The Bachelor in the first place. Let's not kid ourselves.)

Do you think Clare and Nikki are genuine?


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Reba Strength Fleharty Brown

Well, I was not expectging this from Nikki.  She surprised me.   But being a nurse, she has no qualms about saying how she feels.   Poor Jaun Pablo, he sits there listening to each girl saying hummm  hummm  hummm and nodding his head.  I really and truly do not think he has a clue as to what they are saying most of the time.  But he LOVES to dance..by himself!!    ☺  Right?

Sandra Blake

Right - he never looks like he's paying attention to any of the girls.  Except maybe Charlene.  She is a strange one.  I figure she is the 'plant' this season.  She will be here til the show before the last one.  He looks like he is using CBS to travel, etc.  Why not?  They went after him to be the bachelor.  My guess is that until the last two or three weeks, he wont bond with any of them.  And maybe not even then.

nonmember avatar Barbara Hermans

I like both Nikki and Clair but it doesn't make any difference because, like he said last night, Sharleen is his favorite. She has all his attention it is another Ben and Courtney season. It is all about Sharleen and no one else stands a chance

TheIn... TheInsider

Nikki is a bit of an introvert, but she isn't shy going about what she wants. Clare is a man chaser; men like that for a little while but it's not what they want for keeps. Sharleen & Juan are a story of "how can everything be so right but so wrong"...more about that here http://bit.ly/1furK5X


nonmember avatar Crystal

I don't like either Nikki or clare just my own but mist of all I really don't like Sharleen she isn't the mother type at all and the way she kind of being saying things she doesn't seem good for him at all .I was so mad when he gave her a rose after what she said . She should have went home for sure

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