Jenelle Evans Latest Rude Taunt Could Come Back to Bite Her (PHOTO)


jenelle evansOne thing all Teen Mom 2 fans know by now -- Jenelle Evans loves to stir things up. She has definitely been one of the most controversial cast members in that show's history. That fact isn't changing now that she's expecting baby number 2. Her latest bit of behavior is proof of that.

You don't have to know sign language to understand the message Jenelle is sending in her latest Instagram pic. Take a look!

Why would she taunt her fans this way? In the world of a reality star, that's like biting the hand that feeds you. It's all those fans and followers that keep her relevant. Once they turn on her, she can kiss her stardom goodbye.

While many fans may love her rebellious spirit, that adoration can be fleeting. Lots of MTV stars have seen a once adoring public turn. Take the Jersey Shore cast for instance. The first two seasons, people couldn't get enough of the brash, hard-partying, wild bunch. But they soon grew tired of the same old behavior season after season. It was as if you could hear a collective shout, "Grow up." The ones that did managed to keep their careers going did. Snookie became a mom and settled down with fiance Jionni LaValle. Now, a pregnant JWoWW is following that example. As for The Situation and Deena, no one knows where they are. Even worse, no once cares.

Right now, Jenelle is still riding her bad-girl-mom rep. But how long can she still keep up the same crazy (and sometimes illegal) antics? She needs to change -- not just for herself, but for her kids too.

What do you think of Jenelle's pic?


Image via MTV

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4frui... 4fruitsnacks

It would be nice if I could see a picture to comment on....

nonmember avatar billy price

I like the pic ! You have sponck don't let anyone tell how to live your life . They all need to be flipped the bird you go Jenelle!

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