The Real Reason That Crazy Fight Broke Out on 'RHOA' (VIDEO)

phaedraWow. This week in reality TV land is ... something. We've got husbands being arrested, a pajama party that ended in fist fights, $5,000 to $8,000 being spent at strip clubs ... and that's just The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We've also got gossip from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump RulesMob Wives, and Couples Therapy. You might want to pour yourself a cocktail.

If you've been living under a rock, news broke just before the weekend that Apollo Nida, husband of Phaedra Parks, surrendered to authorities on counts of bank fraud and identity theft. Ouch. Is there any Housewives cast that is free of bankruptcies or indictments?? In this week's exclusive video below, I discuss the bad timing of his antics on this week's RHOA and how that could hurt him.

Did that pajama party give you whiplash? I lay it out, point by point. Once again, Kenya Moore remembers things more clearly than NeNe Leakes or anyone else, but it still doesn't make her likeable. How is security handled while filming? I explain what we saw and what we likely did not see.

We also had a lot of punching going on in Beverly Hills this week, though it was on purpose. I break down what I saw between the lines when Brandi Glanville's father spoke to Yolanda Foster, as well as some surprising news about how well the RHOBH season is stacking up to Vanderpump Rules.

bev hillsI go beyond Housewives this week to dish about Mob WivesCouples Therapy, and what bothered me most about Taylor Armstrong's meltdown. Also, how does Downton Abbey remind me of Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

Also this week I take viewer questions (keep them coming!). Are there any reality stars who don't drink? What happens behind-the-scenes when cast members skip out on each other's events? And what about cast members who cross over between series and spin-offs?

Who do you think is to blame for the fight at NeNe's pajama party?


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nonmember avatar Lisa

Love this weeks break down! I am a fan of all housewives shows even the spin offs but next month the real housewives of Melbourne air here in Australia and will it be explosive like the US counterpaths or end up on the heap like all the other failed reality tv shows here. Would love to hear your views Alex xx

nonmember avatar Em

Alex, you mischaracterized the fight in Atlanta. Brandon didn't jump up to defend Kenya. He was up and pacing behind Kenya as if something was going to happen. Then Chris touched Kenya's arm trying to redirect her from his wife to himself and Brandon was right there to be part of it. Why was Brandon up? Was this planned? Whatever, it is wrong to say he was protecting Kenya. He started the violence. And he escalated the violence when Peter tried to push him back.

nonmember avatar Ang

Apollo is the old saying "a leopard never changes his spots". The BH housewives are constantly putting their feet in their own and other people's mouths. The cast on "Vanderpump Rules" act like they are 5-15 yrs old. They need to get a life and stop acting like a bunch of nasty high schoolers.

nonmember avatar AP

Nene is messy as hell! She brought up a argumentative topic in so called "effort" to but everything on the table, but it wasn't her business & very inappropriate. She's not stupid. She had to know that atleast a heated argument would result from that discussion. Then she blamed Kenya when I could see her standing up as well if approached. You messy and wrong as hell for that Nene.

nonmember avatar Suzie Q

Alex, Regarding the pj party...It seemed odd to me that Natalie and Chris were there since they are Cynthias friends and Cynthia seemed surprised when Nene said they were coming. Do you think production pushed Nene to invite them? Or just Nene stirring the pot since Natalie had a fight with Kenya and Kandi already.

Kathy Carter Woods

Personally i'm dying to see the Real Housewives of the Federal Pen!  Juciy Joe, Apollo and probably a few others will be there soon!

Alex, I have a question for you.  I was reading online this morning about Vicki's (RHOC) divorce settlement from her husband Don.  The financial disclosure revealed how much money they have in the bank and other assets.  I live in NYC so maybe i'm jaded but frankly they seemed to have "regular people" money and not "super rich" type money.  Vicki acts like she's wealthy, but honestly based on her settlement she's middle class/upper middle class at best.  What, if any, are the financial requirements for being a Real Housewive?

Based on the lies, theviery and financial disclosures revealed so far, seems to me that you just have to have a luxury "looking" life.  Do the producers of the show review your financials before signing you up or are they just taking your word for what you have.

Finally, I LOVE your Couple Therapy recap.  This is my first season watching that show and it's a real kick!


nonmember avatar Tori

First, let me say I'm not pro-Kenya but I am a fair person. NeNe definitely stirred up the pajama party fight and then she blamed it all on Kenya. Yes, it was not right of Kenya to tell Natalie in a previous episode that Chris referred to Natalie as his "common law wife" but it was NeNe's fault for bringing it up at the pj party. I believe she did it because she kept saying how upset she was that Kenya showed up late to the pj party. Brandon did not start the physical fight, he was hit first and defended himself. And I feel Apollo got involved because he does have a secret "thing" for Kenya and does not want any man around her, friend or otherwise. You could see Phaedra did not understand why he got involved. After seeing Apollo lose it in the pj episode and now facing charges, I have no respect for him at all. Phaedra needs to dump him.

Alex McCord

Hey all, I'm on my way to the CNN studio to join HLN News Now live this afternoon to talk about all the current reality TV court cases including the Giudices and Apollo Nida. Thanks for all the kind words and please tune into HLN at 1:45pm EST live today!

nonmember avatar Vonn

I watched in awe at Sunday's episode and the after show, and realized how everyone of those cast members is quite willing to blame kenya for all that transpired. Cynthia took no responsibility for the fact that she and her husband invited that wannabee RHOA couple who off the bat introduced themselves by gossiping. Cynthia reluctantly acknowledged her disgusting part in the fracas. Her husband could not see their fault. The supposedly astute Phaedra, naturally blamed Phaedra. No you should wonder why Apollo was so inclined to go overboard in a matter where he should only have tried to stop the fight. Was it not obvious that the whole party was completely contrived, merely an opportunity to avenge her gal Cynthia's friend, who came off as real shady? The party could not have concluded until Kenya arrived? That was so simply because Mr Wannabe had to try to get back at Kenya. kenya should have sat down. Really? Like she would have? Despicable broads.

Sydney Charlotte

Love your re-caps 

Ne is a hot mess they all were in there PJS ,just  ridiculous, I fouind it ironic that Apollo turned himself in this week I read the indictment not good , he is not a clever criminal . They are all pretty embarrassing I don't know people who act this way ?? at this age  All of these HW shows I would be mortified and pleas ecan we stop with the Strippers and Stripper poles, aren't there Charities they do work for can 't we see something good , instead of these high schjool Antics ...ugh 

On Traylor PArk Armstrong she is a disgrace has been since she started , she is a fame w**re and has sickened me since she opened her mouth and lied which she did since the first time she was on TV and continues to use that BS about her dead husband , she is a disgusting and always has been.She has gotten better about her lying she doesn't out herself like she used too, but here is hoping she falls off the face of the TV and the news , yuck  ...sorry had to vent she makes my skin crawl

Love your recaps  

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