'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Nathan Griffith Is What Jenelle's Needed All Along

Nathan Griffith Teen Mom 2Oh, what a difference a year makes. It was around this time in 2013 that rumors were floating that Jenelle Evans' antics would cause MTV to pull the plug on Teen Mom 2. Instead this week brought the second episode of the show's fifth season and the first on-screen look at Nathan Griffith, Jenelle's baby daddy-to-be, who's taken a lot of credit for keeping the reality star on the straight and narrow (or as straight and narrow as Jenelle plays it anyway) since he showed up last spring.

So who is this guy, anyway? We've heard he was an underwear model and former Marine, but tonight we saw the couple's first date and found out a whole lot more about what drew Jenelle to him ... and what she's looking for in a guy.

Turns out Jenelle turned to a dating app to find a new man, and the computer matched her with Nathan. She liked the pictures of his dogs, so she reached out.

But she just had an abortion in the last episode, how long has it been since she and her husband separated? Not long. Not long at all. In fact, Jenelle was still bleeding from the chemical abortion at the start of tonight's episode, but as she told pal Tori, "I've always continuously been in a relationship since I've been, like, 14. I guess it's just I can't be lonely."

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Tori must have been getting some Dr. Drew coaching or something because she nailed Jenelle's problem -- she's never gotten much love and comforting from her mom, so she's made a habit of turning to guys ever since she was a kid. And it's become such a priority. Even if Jenelle had full custody of Jace, Tori said she'd still be out looking for some guy to love her because she craves what she didn't get as a kid.

Kind of makes you wonder what will happen with Jace one day if Jenelle doesn't figure out how to be a good full-time mom, doesn't it?

Somehow, though, something seems to have gone right here. We got to see the couple's first official date on a mini golf course, and Nathan is actually kind of ... nice? He talks about how much he loves family and makes a point to tell her he is not cool with hardcore drugs after dating a girl who used heroin.

It's pretty much the polar opposite of Kieffer, who was DOING drugs with Jenelle from the start of their relationship. Could Jenelle have avoided all that mess if she'd just picked a nice guy to start with?

It kind of makes you wonder. We're judged by the company we keep, after all. If you're surrounding yourself with losers, then people are going to think you're a loser too.

Of course, the episode wasn't just about Jenelle.

Chelsea Houska spent her first day at aesthetician school, after having to drag a sleepy Aubree out of bed. She's still got Adam threatening to take her to court, but she's bound and determined to finish this course and actually set a good example for her little girl. After all, as she told buddy Landon, she does NOT want her daughter going the GED route.

Leah Calvert and Jeremy took their family on a big vacation to Orlando, their last before Jeremy returns to work far from home. He hasn't even left yet, but you can already see the stress of his departure written on Leah's face. With an infant at home and two toddlers, one of them with special needs, she is NOT happy to have her husband leaving town, and it is already hurting their marriage. It doesn't help that Jeremy is not exactly the most demonstrative guy in the world; he doesn't reassure her when she's feeling lonely! 

Speaking of lonely, Kailyn Lowry was feeling pretty bummed tonight with husband Javi Marroquin off in Delaware where he's been stationed by the Air Force. She's stuck back in Pennsylvania as her custody case continues to wind its way through the courts. She suffered a setback tonight when she arrived at court only to find out a jurisdiction snafu meant the case has to be heard elsewhere, adding at least a few weeks before she will find out whether she and Isaac can move out of state. Her ex, Jo, was pretty happy, of course ... ironic considering HE already moved out of state and away from Isaac! It's sad to see a parent act vindictive toward an ex instead of just trying to make things work for the best of a child.

Next week it looks like we're going to see more of Jo and Kailyn blowing up at one another, and what happens when Barbra meets Nathan!

What was your read on Nathan? Is he the guy Jenelle really needs in her life?


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AliPa... AliParker

Leah is such an ungrateful, selfish, whiny little brat. She might be an ok mother but as an adult or a girlfriend/wife she is hard to watch. All she does is complain and bitch and moan. I don't know how she finds such decent men. And I fully believe she and Jeremy would already be divorced if it wasn't for the fact that his job separates them so much.

Chelsea needs to be more of a mom to aubree. That little girl already has a major attitude problem. Chelsea always reminds me of an aunt watching their niece. She needs to discipline her daughter. But it's nice that she found a school for something she can really enjoy. And I feel for her having to deal with Adam.

Janelle should lay off of men for a little bit and work on custody of Jace but as we know in real time she is already working on replacing him.

I actually see both sides of kailyn and joe. But if what she said in the episode is true and joe would not lose any time than he is even dumber than I already know he is.

That's just my opinion....

Jai Hutto

^^Agreed! Jenelle should spend more time working on herself and trying to get custody of her son instead of depending on a guy to come in and be the knight in shining armor that's going to swoop in and make her happy. She can't even stand being alone with herself, how can she expect someone else to enjoy her company. 

nonmember avatar Daniele

Leah needs to be more grateful. She has a hard working husband who is working to provide for her and ALL her children. She spent all last episode talking about how her and Corey should have tried harder and this week she nags him about leaving. She's lucky this man has stuck around.
Janelle may have the most "exciting" storyline but I do think she should have been pulled from the show. She may have found a good man in Nathan but she still spends her time on Twitter and has yet to make any changes with Jace. You can take about how Barbara treated her as a child (which we have no facts on) but the woman has been supporting and taking care of her grandchild since day one.
Agreed that Joe is annoying. If there won't be any changes to the custody agreement then I don't see why she can't move. However, Kailyn needs a giant attitude adjustment. She is so defensive about everything and can be incredibly passive agressive and rude.

Jo-Ann Tuohey

Maybe Jenelle has found a nice man, but obviously she hasn't changed. She started a big fight with her mother, saying if it's not Jace it's her mother aggravating her, all because she was tired and wanted to sleep! Doesn't she think her mom might be tired while dragging a cranky toddler around while she was taking Jenelle for her abortion? Jenelle is and always will be self-centered, I am afraid for this new baby because when Jenelle is tired or wants to be alone she won't take care of anyone but herself. Leah is pulling the same thing with Jeremy as she pulled with Corey, it's my way or the highway! Jeremy is just trying to work and take care of his family. Lots of families have to live this way to survive. Does she want him to stay home and work at a low paying job and then she'll be complaining that they have no money? She needs to grow up, she chose this life and she needs to stop whining about it, she knew what his job was going into this marriage.

mommy... mommyto2in14

Jenelle will screw it up in the long run. I loved the look on his face when she told him she was hooked on heroin before!

nonmember avatar Lmfao

Wow... You know what Jenelle needs? Reality check. This BITCH walks atound 4 yrs. later like that little potty mouth kid of hers is just her little brother. Getting out of the car like if hER damn kid is not in the car, letting Barbara do the hard job but wanting the tittle of "mom". GTFOH.

nonmember avatar Imablackcat

100% team Jo. He needs to reign Kailyn in before she is dragging that poor kid all over the place following her new husband wherever he happens to get stationed. She needs to realize that although she wants to move on with a new family, her son still needs his father. I have to laugh at Javi supporting Kailyn's moving Issac away; would he want her taking his kid away to follow a new husband? I think not.

Mynames DP

That's what I don't understand, Jo doesn't want Kailyn to leave the state, but he left the state. As long as the agreement is honored, who cares where she moves. We have trains, planes, automobiles, all of which Jo seems to use when he comes back to the state. If Jo was so worried about the "general area," then why did he leave the state??

nonmember avatar Grateful

Jeremy is such a gem and caring father!!! If only they could clone this hard working, thinking of supporting his family young man. All the ungrateful leah does is complain. First of all , no one forced her to have children at a young age...so deal with it. So many grateful young women would love to have Jeremy as a boyfriend or husband. He is a great guy. Leah is so unhappy with herself and she takes it out on everyone. I wish that Jeremy would divorce her and get custody of his daughter and find a nice girl who appreciates his hard work ethics. There are so many his age that are bums and rely on the girls to support them or the system to support them.

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