'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: Leah Calvert's Husband Is Acting Like a Jerk

Leah CalvertThe fifth season of Teen Mom 2 opened with a bang last week, but can the MTV series keep the drama amped that high? From the looks of the show's second episode, absolutely. When Leah Calvert and her husband, Jeremy Calvert, start talking about his job working on the pipeline, man oh man do sparks fly!

Remember all those rumors about the couple getting a divorce? Well, The Stir has obtained an exclusive clip from season 5, and you can cut the tension with a knife! Just look what happens when Leah brings up the idea of Jeremy getting a job closer to home:


I have to say it's hard to know whom to side with here. On the one hand, Jeremy is right, he does pay their bills, and I respect the heck out of anyone who works long hours at a hard job for the sake of their family.

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That said, Leah has three kids at home! One is a newborn, and another has serious health issues. Is it really all that surprising that she'd want a little ... HELP? From her husband?

Maybe it's because this was one of those planned sit-down and catch-up chats MTV works into the show so fans can find out what has gone on when they weren't filming, but Jeremy just doesn't sound very sympathetic to how rough this all has to be for Leah. Even if he doesn't intend to change jobs, he could try a little compassion! If he wants to make this marriage work, he's going to have to be just a tad bit nicer!

Can't wait to see how all this plays out tomorrow night at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Whose side are you on here? Jeremy's or Leah's?


Image via MTV

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lobus lobus

Wow. She just knows how to drive men away huh. If he got a job that didn't make as much money, she'd probably be bitching at him to find a better job. She should be happy. My husband is in the army and gone 6 months to a year or more at a time. She needs to thank her lucky stars this man is happy to work for her and her girls that aren't even biologically his. 

nonmember avatar Helen

She shouldn't have had another child, especially with having twins at home and one that has special needs.

aajm-... aajm-momma

Um one of them is and im sorry regardless if they are related by DNA or not when you marry a single mom the kids and the responsibility of said kids come along with it.

aajm-... aajm-momma

So because she has a special needs child she should NEVER have more? Every baby is a blessing and it seems she didnt realize how bad off the one was. Im sorry I have a special needs child and if I could have 10 more I would. Until you've walked in our shoes you really cant talk. If you have walked in our shoes and still feel this way I am sorry but your heart is made of ice apparently

nonmember avatar Katie

I'm not in Leahs side, she is bitching cause he makes good money to support their family, she's ungrateful and needs to stfu

Cameo Lanette Ramsey

My gosh. She is so weird when it comes to guys. He has a really good job, making what did she say, 5000 a week? Its hard to come across a job now a days, so she should be thankful he has a good job. And there is more to pay than just a house payment and a car payment when you have 3 kids to support, plus yourself and your wife. She needs to see the big picture. I like Leah but she needs to think about stuff before she starts.

Jody Huenke

She knew what his job was before they got married and from what I can see Corey helps with the twins quite a bit and she has support from her mom as well. I understand she needs her husband too and sometimes she will need only him for moral support, but he does make the money and again she knew what he did before they got married. I guess I can see both sides I wouldn't want my husband that far away all the time, but my husband works 7 days a week sometimes so I can go to school and run our farm and I don't like that either but I would not leave him for taking care of us.

nonmember avatar memeselfni

I feel bad for her in a way. But she has a great family support system and lots of friends. He has a good job to support her way of living. Don't you think for one second that if he got a job that paid less but was closer to home, she'd be fussing again. She's never happy. And, I agree, at this point in time, if the special needs child is needing to much time, why the hell did she have another one?

nonmember avatar CRYSTAL

Its called life, she need to make due with what God gave her in this situation. THis girl has it made and she is still bitchin, grow up and deal with the cards you have been dealt. To under-appreciate a good man is to lose his respect for you.

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