New '50 Shades' Pics Show Christian & Ana in One of the Book's Best Scenes

Dakota JohnsonOh man. Shooting of Fifty Shades of Grey has reached an exciting point in Vancouver, you guys. They've made it to the infamous hardware store scene, where Ana finally gets an inkling of what Christian has in store for her inside a certain red room. Let the squealing commence! From the looks of the photos that have started making their way out, both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are getting more enmeshed with the characters they are playing by the minute. Just look at their faces: SERIOUS ACTING IS GOING DOWN.

At the hardware store, Christian has Ana assist him in purchasing some rope and other accoutrements, which will play an, uh, important role in scenes to come. The scene they were working on is crucial to the development of the trilogy and it's clear that everyone's taking it very seriously. Dakota was spotted in deep conversation with the film's director, and Jamie just generally smoldered about. Dig the way he's making those jeans work. Not afraid of that at all. 

It's great to see that they're being so faithful to the book. The location itself seems ripped from the pages, a perfect double. It begs the question -- will they be as faithful when it comes to everything else that happens behind closed doors for Ana and Christian?

Jamie Dornan

There's been speculation that the studio will have to tone down the sex scenes for the movie (leaving us all bellowing 'NOOOOO' at the top of our lungs), but now we're hearing that 'toned down' doesn't have to mean 'totally tame.' The film's producer Michael De Luca assured everyone that they are making this movie for the fans -- and they know exactly what the fans want. "We're going to give them what they expect, which is an intense and erotic love story." Heck yes we do! Now enough giving of interviews, you've got a movie to make. 

What's your favorite scene from Fifty Shades of Grey?


Images via Pacific Coast News

fifty shades of grey


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Lori Martinson Cyples

These people writing these articles are IDIOTS.  Ana had ZERO clue at this point what Christian was about.  All she had done was interview him at this point.  It was over a week later when she got a clue about him.  READ THE BOOKS MORONS!  Then maybe you'll know what you're writing about!

Annie... Anniegrace

She's so bad for Ana. She's not even pretty or petite or have big eyes...she looks nothing like the character is described in the books, not to mention always looks so old and tired too. They didn't even attempt to try to transform the things they could like hair or skin, etc. Awful. She should've left when Charlie did since she was only cast because of her chemistry with him. Even though they couldn't get any of their original choices they should've tried harder for more appropriate actors.

Rae Simmons

she looks like a hardware store she is old looking and has no sex appeal he looks like her son not lover

Bonnie Cooper

My favorite scene from the 50 Shades trilogy is when Teddy is born and how nervous and scared Christian is.  That will always be my favorite part of the love story.

Paige Ashleigh Rodley


getov... getoverit07

I sure hope thats not supposed to be her in the hardware store. I dont remember boots or a big jacket. She said she was happy to be wearing her cute jeans and looked nice. This chic doesn't look nice or anything like a college student..Grr.

nonmember avatar Jacqueline Robi

For those who are worried about her heavy coat
And UGG is cold in Canada where they are filming...I am sure the boots and coat will come off when they are FILMING...BUT SHE ISN'T FILMING IN THESE SHOTS.

nonmember avatar Yvette Lavin

Cant wait. Read the books 5 times! Perhaps the writer of this story should maybe read it once. At this point she has no idea not even an inkling what he has in store for her.

Regina Dorado

Didn't they book have that she was always in her converse not Uggs?

Regina Dorado

oops the* , either way I love the story, can't wait for the movie


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