'Teen Mom' Star Admits She Almost Got Divorced Right After Wedding

mackenzie douthitEarlier last year, Mackenzie Douthit fired off a tweet, letting the world know that she and her now-hubby, Josh McKee, were having trouble in paradise. "Satan tries very hard to get in between us," she wrote. To which Josh replied, "We shall defeat him baby." But now Mackenzie's revealed that the couple almost divorced shortly after they got married. And now she's pregnant with baby number 2! And they only just got married last August!

Let's hope Satan doesn't rear his ugly head again after the baby's born ...

A few days ago, Mackenzie posted a long message to Instagram. A message too long to cut and paste into this post. But here's an excerpt, if you're interested:

As mostly everyone knows we have had many struggles in our relationship and even after we got married the devil really attacked our relationship. I was about to give up and so was he. I never let my praying knees get lazy and right before we were gonna call it off for good God just worked his magic, found us a house, and just like that were now best friends and he is the most loving, caring, hard working guy and I couldn't imagine life without him.

Aw, cute. I totally hope Mackenzie and Josh enjoy true luv 4 eva for both their sake and their kids'. But I'd be remiss if I didn't note that there's definitely a lot more to relationships than houses and prayers. Sure, those things are nice, but relationships are work! A lot of work!

But being that they're able to talk about their issues maturely right now, it sounds like the couple is in a good place these days -- and thank goodness. It would be a sad, sad thing to see Mackenzie raising a baby all by herself. #Blessed

Do you think Mackenzie and Josh are good together?


Image via Mackenzie Douthit/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Ummm

It is well known that they married each other but she still lives with her parents. Not sure what all the 'we got a house and found magic'. Marriage usually means you move out of your parent's and live with your spouse.

Hunny... HunnybearSG

These 2 should NEVER have gotten married to begin with. Mackenzie is a spoiled brat. Her "Mommy" literally does EVERYTHING for her and always has. Do any of you remember the episode of Teen Mom where her Mom left for a week? The FIRST thing out of Mackenzie's mouth was, "Well there goes our cleaner & cooker"!!! She was completely disgusted by simply having to wash the dishes SHE used. How in the hell is she going to be a wife & Mother of 2 if she can not even manage to take care of herself?!

June Little

I can almost guarantee they will end up divorced. First of all, having her first baby at 17...she should have learned her lesson. Instead, she gets pregnant again a year later, and has a second one at 19. What kind of white trash loser has 2 kids when she's a teenager? Pregnancy is not a good reason to get married. Wait until your both in your 20s, see if you still like each other then if you do you can tie the knot

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