Porsha Stewart's Big Change Is a Slap in Her Ex-Husband's Face

Porsha Stewart Porsha Stewart hasn't had an easy time during her divorce from former football star Kordell Stewart. He sprung the news on her out of nowhere, and Porsha's spent the better part of this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reeling and trying to put together the pieces. Well a recent shared picture on her Twitter account has us thinking that she has finally healed some of those wounds and is ready to move on to something new.

Porsha (rather infamously) debuted pixie-short hair not so long ago! She's fancied up her look from time to time with extensions but, as a rule, stuck with the shorter look. It was a drastic change that could only have been inspired by the emotional upheaval she was experiencing in her personal life. Now she's changed her hair again, but this time it seems to be a sign of good, and not wounded, feelings. 

Porsha showed off her new -- and longer than ever -- locks to all her followers. She also showcased her winning smile. She's a long-haired girl at heart, and this picture just seems like more proof that the old Porsha is back and better than ever. Of course, the fact that she's got a line of hair products coming soon probably contributed to her decision to go long. But Porsha as a businesswoman? That's something Kordell would never have allowed.

It's been really striking watching Porsha come out from the long shadow cast by her marriage. It was almost uncomfortable to watch her be with someone so controlling. This season it feels like we've -- slowly but surely -- gotten to know the REAL Porsha. This latest change to her look definitely seems to indicate that she has no intention to turn back into the quiet, submissive, unhappy woman she used to be. Did we mention she's also changed her last name back to 'Williams' AND that she's got a single dropping?! Go, Porsha! 

Do you think we're in for a whole new side of Porsha?


Image via Twitter

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ms_da... ms_danielle_j

My question here is how is her long hair supposed to be a slap in the face for her ex? She has always worn her hair long. For the record, that short do was a wig! Please do your research before putting up something on your site...it keeps the egg off of your face!

nonmember avatar Lauren

^^^ and the long hair is a weave. Your point? Lol

nonmember avatar Corbin

I believe that Porsha has more than one ace up her sleeve and she is going to be just fine. She is more intelligent than you might think.

there... theresaphilly

I am certain that her husband is not loosing sleep over her. She is pretty, but still naive. 

nonmember avatar b money

intelligent are you serious ??she thought the underground railroad was a train lol she's a tool

nonmember avatar Joy S Browne

Y u all think she alway smileing she laughing at the little bitch ass kordell

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