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In just a couple days, they'll finally be Mr. and Mrs. Lowe, and of course, they'll finally have done the dirty -- something they've waited way, WAY too long for if you ask me. And understandably, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are excited for their wedding night -- though they sure have a funny way of describing their elation.

In speaking for both of them, Catherine told ABC News, "We made a really good decision for us, and we're excited to consummate as husband and wife. It's something that is a benefit of being married."

(Yeah. I wonder how much a benefit she'll see it as after they've been married for a year or two and Sean won't leave her alone.)

But let's get back to the verbiage Catherine used. They're "excited to consummate"? Really? I know that's a proper word used to describe wedding night sex and all, but doesn't it sound like they're about to do something boring and/or grueling? For some reason using "consummate" sounds like they're signing off on some sort of business transaction -- not finally giving into their desires after controlling their urges for their entire engagement. (It's even worse than saying, "make love," for crying out loud.)

I know they're a very traditional couple, but I think it's safe to say no one would judge them for one second if they came right out and said, "We can't wait to get it on like a couple of teenagers in the back of a Chevy!" or something along those lines.

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I mean, wedding night sex is something that deserves a bit of a "woo-hoo," especially when the husband and wife in question haven't yet sealed the deal. Sean and Catherine shouldn't feel shy or embarrassed about it -- it's a beautiful thing, right? 

There's no reason to treat it like it's a formality, which is what the word "consummate" makes it sound like.

Hopefully Catherine only used that term as a means of not sounding too raunchy in the media -- otherwise both she and Sean may wind up being a bit disappointed after the deed is done. Nothing says major letdown like vanilla wedding night sex.

Would you ever use the word "consummate" to describe sex?


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