Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Wedding Night Plans Are Beyond Boring


Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

In just a couple days, they'll finally be Mr. and Mrs. Lowe, and of course, they'll finally have done the dirty -- something they've waited way, WAY too long for if you ask me. And understandably, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are excited for their wedding night -- though they sure have a funny way of describing their elation.

In speaking for both of them, Catherine told ABC News, "We made a really good decision for us, and we're excited to consummate as husband and wife. It's something that is a benefit of being married."

(Yeah. I wonder how much a benefit she'll see it as after they've been married for a year or two and Sean won't leave her alone.)

But let's get back to the verbiage Catherine used. They're "excited to consummate"? Really? I know that's a proper word used to describe wedding night sex and all, but doesn't it sound like they're about to do something boring and/or grueling? For some reason using "consummate" sounds like they're signing off on some sort of business transaction -- not finally giving into their desires after controlling their urges for their entire engagement. (It's even worse than saying, "make love," for crying out loud.)

I know they're a very traditional couple, but I think it's safe to say no one would judge them for one second if they came right out and said, "We can't wait to get it on like a couple of teenagers in the back of a Chevy!" or something along those lines.

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I mean, wedding night sex is something that deserves a bit of a "woo-hoo," especially when the husband and wife in question haven't yet sealed the deal. Sean and Catherine shouldn't feel shy or embarrassed about it -- it's a beautiful thing, right? 

There's no reason to treat it like it's a formality, which is what the word "consummate" makes it sound like.

Hopefully Catherine only used that term as a means of not sounding too raunchy in the media -- otherwise both she and Sean may wind up being a bit disappointed after the deed is done. Nothing says major letdown like vanilla wedding night sex.

Would you ever use the word "consummate" to describe sex?


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Jacee... Jacee2348

I can't believe I just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this pathetic article... 

nonmember avatar Jessica83

Wow, Mary. Care to tell us about how you and your husband got it on like freaks on YOUR wedding night? This may surprise you but not every relationship has to depend on sex to be healthy. Gasp! I know! Why are you so judgmental in the articles you write about this couple?

Sandy Jones

Did you see the smile on her face when she said those words . . . just like a bluching bride. I thought it was cute the way she said it. You can bet they will be making love on their wedding night . . .

nonmember avatar janey

What is wrong with you? You are the most shallow, judgmental person around. Your life and marriage must be so miserable.

Annie Bernhardt Cooper

No way. Let's call it what is. Are they a 2014 couple or what??

nonmember avatar Mary

This article is terrible and highly judge mental! Get over yourself!

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