Justin Bieber Leaves Jail With $2,500 Bail Posted & A Wave for His Fans (VIDEO)

justin bieber arrestHas he learned anything -- and can we deport him? Justin Bieber left jail with bail set at $2,500 last night. He's been charged with a DUI, driving with an expired license, and resisting arrest. Upon leaving jail Justin climbed atop an SUV and blew a kiss at his waiting fans -- because that's just what Justin Bieber would do. Know what else Bieber might do? Throw back some drinks with a partner with crime immediately after arriving back at his hotel.

Soon after his release, Justin was photographed surrounded by drinks with his father. Bieber's father had been with him when he was arrested for drag racing. This is just a photo -- for all we know, they could be throwing back plain old soda pop, reviewing therapists who could help the kid out.

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Friends of Bieber say they want him to go into rehab and maybe even try psychotherapy, since nothing else seems to be working. Unfortunately, at this point, the Miami court cannot compel Bieber into rehab. A few friends have also voiced concern about the influence of Bieber's father. 

Bieber faces up to six months in jail, though he could get a lighter sentence thanks to a special first-time offender program. He would have to go completely dry, no alcohol or drugs, though. That would be a good thing for Justin, no doubt. But he may not be ready for that.


Do you think Bieber will get the help he needs or keep going on his self-destructive path?


Image via ABC News

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Baile... Bailey8307

I was just kind of wondering why he didn't get an underage drinking charge in top of everything? Is it that the other charges outweigh that one? When I was younger I knew someone who had to take daily breathalyzers to make sure they weren't continuing to drink underage. If the test came up positive they'd be thrown in jail. Maybe something like that would sober him up! Also why in the world are his parents supporting his drinking and drug use? I read that his mom was supplying him with Xanax which is pretty damn dangerous to combine with alcohol. He may be a dumbass teenager but his parents should know better!

nonmember avatar Jess

So Paul Walker, young father, humanitarian, sober, handsome, smart, down to earth, and never any major trouble dies a horrlibly tragic death while a friend is speeding.

This piece of shit readily admits to drinking, smoking pot, and popping pills goes on to live another day in his troubled with the law existance being a role model to our youth.

What. The. Fuck. Cops should make an example out of him and ship his worthless ass back to Canada... or next time hope for a quadrapalegia inducing car wreck for him so then he can raise money for his own personal cause.

Debbie Fontaine

He's on a road to destruction unless he turns his life around. So many young stars get caught up in the hollywood life and end up destroying their life - the courts don't really punish "stars" as they would if a non-star person did the same thing they would have their driver's license suspended, rehab, etc. but judges let too many of these stars off because of who they are and I believe in the long run it hurts them, but then again, we don't have the money and influence that hollywood stars have. Sad but true.

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