Kris Jenner Laughs Off Bruce Jenner Sex Change Rumors (VIDEO)

Kris JennerThis whole is he or isn't he business about Bruce Jenner possibly getting a sex change is driving me bonkers. I mean, the whole idea of Bruce becoming a woman blows my mind. Yet still -- the evidence is there. That laryngeal shave (say that 5x fast, eh?) operation to shave down his Adam's apple. The whole Bruce rockin' nicely manicured nails thing, too. Well now, Kris Jenner is defending Bruce, brushing off rumors that he's opting for this major procedure on Entertainment Tonight.

While she doesn't come straight out and say "You guys are all a bunch of buffoons," it sure seems like that's what she's thinking. Here, watch Kris comment on all of these Bruce rumors, here:

Kris does have a point: publishers and journalists are in the business to sell magazines. Controversy, crazy claims, ludicrus front covers, all that jazz are what brings in the bucks and gets people to buy.

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The question is, though: do we believe her? What else would Kris Jenner, Bruce's MANAGER may I add, have to say right now amidst all these rumors? It's natural for her to joke about it, it's natural for her to not take a strong stance.

The funniest part of all of this, though? That so many people are saying that if Bruce is indeed getting a sex change, Kris has driven him to it. Ha! Well, sure, we've all joked about how crazy Kris and her mommager ways are in the past. Even so, that's a pretty major life change to make because a woman's driven you wild.

Do you think these sex change rumors are true or false?


Image via EntertainmentTonight/YouTube



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nonmember avatar Ecusen

If Bruce Jenner ISN'T trying to become a woman, then whatever he's doing is an epic failure.

Sophie Georgini

I absolutely believe it. Look how feminine he is, already. He plucks his eyebrows, has permanent tattoo'd eyeliner, the works. Even his hair is styled smooth and silky like a woman.

Mark my words... he definitely wants to be a woman.

nonmember avatar Darlene

Whatever makes him happy. Imagine going through your whole life knowing you were different and not understanding why? I had an amazing Dr who changed to a woman. It did not change how amazing of a Dr she was or the person inside. The family
loved her unconditionally.

Janet Wisner

Chris Genner is the person that looking for attention 100 of the time. Let Bruce have a sex change and give her no attention. Chris make money on all her children, let Bruce have some fun.

nonmember avatar Laura

From the pics I saw it looks as though he is wanting to be a judgement let him be I'm sure he has enough stress with everybody watching and talking about him.

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