'Couples Therapy' Recap: No Wonder Farrah Abraham Turned to Adult Films

Farrah Abraham Couples TherapyIt seems like all Farrah Abraham ever wants to do is convince the world she's all grown up. But have you ever wondered why she's so desperate to leave her childhood behind? We finally got a hint on tonight's Couples Therapy

As usual, Farrah managed to dominate the drama in a house that's full of some pretty dramatic people. And -- surprise, surprise -- it all came down to that sex tape/porn flick.

During group therapy, Farrah accidentally spilled that there was a cameraman present as she had sex with "a boyfriend" before furiously back-pedaling and claiming it was just her and her man in the room the whole time. What she can't seem to understand is that no one really cares if she did a porno. Everyone in the house would just like to her to own up and be honest about it! They'd respect her -- and like her -- a lot more if they didn't feel like she was lying to them all the time.

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Granted, I think we all knew Farrah had trouble interacting with people way before the sex tape or porno or WHATEVER IT REALLY IS that was actually filmed. Remember how rude she was to more or less everyone on Teen Mom? Even the people she supposedly loved? She was often standoff-ish, if not downright rude.

But for the first time, she really has people who are telling it like it is, including celebrity therapist Dr. Jenn Berman, who flat out told Farrah she was "bristly" with people in the Couples Therapy house from the get-go. It's definitely a lot nicer word than some would have used!

But Berman got Farrah to open up about her childhood relationships during a one-on-one session, and I have to say it was pretty moving. For the first time since the show started, it felt like we were seeing the REAL Farrah Abraham.

And grown up or not, porn star or not, the real Farrah Abraham is a scared little kid who doesn't want to make the wrong move and doesn't want to be judged ... because that's all she's ever known. She's judgmental and, yes, kind of bitchy, because that's how her parents were with her!

Tonight we heard from a girl whose parents called her a whore for dating as a teenager! We heard from a girl whose parents would call her a bitch.

Her own parents!

Is it any wonder the poor girl turned out the way she did? Your parents are supposed to be your first line of support and the people who love you unconditionally. The bond you form with them is what teaches you HOW to bond with other people.

Farrah didn't have that. And 22 years later, look at where she is. Trying to figure out how to be a grownup when the grownups who raised her didn't act very ... grown up!

And now Dr. Jenn has warned that Farrah's parents are going to be brought on Couples Therapy to talk about how they affected their daughter. That is going to be one episode NOT to miss.

Did tonight's episode change how you feel about Farrah? What do you think of her parents?


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nonmember avatar Julie

I absolutely LOVE Farrah Abraham. And have since teen moms first episode with her in it. She gets a bad rap bc she's so gorgeous and people immediately are intimidated by that and jealous. This girl has class and has made something out if her life regardless HOW she did it. She has raised her daughter virtually by herself and is a wonderful Mom! I wish the haters would lay off her for a while and see the positives about her rather than all the negatives all the time. I wish she she could see this! I am a mother who went thru my share of crap in my life too. But you get to a point where u have to just become callus to the hatred from others. As long as u know ur doing right by u and ur daughter then nevermind anyone else! I love Farrah and always will! She is thee appitimy of a good teen mom!!

nonmember avatar mca

Lol, I'm sorry but did you really "say this girl has class"? She went A to M on camera for $ and continues to lie about it. "She has raised her daughter virtually by herself". Umm no, she's never even with her because she's too busy travelling the country's beaches staging hilariously awkward photo shoots. "She is thee appitimy of a good teen mom", wow... Just wow. That being said I do feel for her and hope she can get the real therapy she desperately needs. She CLEARLY has serious mental health issues undoubtedly steaming from "Michael" forcing her to keep some very dark secrets. Unfortunately she's still co-dependant on that creep and it keeps her from being able to force him out of her life. Please stop the fame whoring Farrah and realize you will only continue to be in the spotlight as long as you continue your train wreck ways because people enjoy mocking you. That's NOT a career. You are SO much more valuable than that. Please get REAL help.

nonmember avatar Hoag78

Julie: You're drunk, Farrah! Go to bed! :D

nonmember avatar GROWUP!

Aww she has issues cause Mommy called her a whore and a bitch? SHE NEEDS TO GROW UP! That is nothing but a damn excuse!

You know how I grew up? My parents were cocaine addicts, my father an alcoholic, I was beat with a belt (as in welps from neck to ankles that lasted several days) if I didnt turn in a homework assignment, if I did something like come home late from choir practice I got physically attacked. I was called fat for being 90lbs at 16, I got called a whore if a friend joked about me dating someone, and a LOT WORSE.

You know what? I didn't get pregnant at 16 or make a porn. I am usually very kind to others. I have never abandon my kid (if her mom is SO BAD why leave her kid with her?) to go off for days or weeks at a time. I have never struck my child, even to lightly spank. I do not drink. I don't do drugs. I try to encourage my son and daughter that they will always be loved and they have the potential to go far if they work for it. I have a loving and non abusive marriage that I try despretely to maintain communication on. No my life isnt perfect. I struggle through PSTD and anxiety. I have bad days where I snap at the kids or the husband. But then I get up, apologize to them sincerely, and promise to try my best to do better.

Yes I am bitter about the abuse still, but I dont let it hold me back. I'm learning to grow through it, and learn from it to make me stronger.

Farrah is just making excuses and they are bad ones.

Crystal-Adair Farmer

My dad abused me, but I don't let that excuse my being rude or crass to anyone. She's conceited and spoiled and just an uber bitch. She's faking everything. You can tell! She sucks so hard!

Crystal-Adair Farmer

I have thought the same thing about Michael too. That he puts up with her being such a bitch to him so that she doesn't spill the beans about what he has done to her. Because any other father would have knocked her block off for speaking to them like that. She's too busy being fake on tv shows to even be with her daughter, let alone raise her. Who has Sophia while Farrah is doing Couple's Therapy?

mom2t... mom2twinboyz

Yeah julie bc doing a porno exudes class. Smh. If anything she doesn't have an ounce of class on her. Ahh poor baby had people call her names. So have a lot of people but they don't turn to porn. Excuses excuses.

Cooks... Cookster792

Let's face it. We all have childhood issues. How about being told that you're not pretty or smart  and that you will never amount to anything. I heard this on a daily basis. Well I was married for 42 years and  then my husband died. Have 2 grown sons with their own families. Other than a few health problems am doing okay This woman needs to grow up fast because she has a child to think of.


nonmember avatar Vicki

If you ask me, it's all lies to get pity from the world. She acts superior and the second someone shuts her down, she's the victim. I wish she knew the only reason she is Google's #1 Most Searched is because everyone loves a good trainwreck. And this girl is the "appitimy" of a trainwreck.

nonmember avatar Daniele

This show is already boring me with the focus on Farrah. She clearly needs to seek real therapy, away from a camera. This girl is looking for attention and will do so by any means possible. She acts like she is better and smarter than everyone around her and then quickly becomes a victim when someone calls her out on her lies. I don't agree with doing porn but if you do it then own up to it. If her parents are so mean and horrible why do they constantly take care of her daughter?
Michael may be putting up with her because she is keeping some secrets but he also may be scared that she'll hold Sophia from them if he doesn't.
This girl has serious issues and it shows through her non-existant relationships with friends, family, and guys.

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