Justin Bieber's Mug Shot Shows How He Really Feels About Arrest (PHOTO)

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Justin BieberWell that didn't take long. Just a few hours after the news broke that Justin Bieber was busted drag racing while under the influence, we get the good stuff: the mug shot. Yup, Justin Bieber's mug shot has surfaced and man oh man it makes me want to slap him.

I mean come on, even the biggest of Beliebers have to be a bit disappointed in their idol here. The 19-year-old told cops that he was under the influence of anti-depressants, had been smoking pot all day, had a beer, and then got behind the wheel. Bieber could have died, he could have seriously injured his competitor Khalil Sharieff (who was also arrested), or he could have killed someone else.

That doesn't sound like a stream of occurrences to smile about, dude. Here, see Justin Bieber's mug shot:

Justin Bieber's mug shot

See what I mean?! Even though I've admittedly downloaded a few myself, I don't care how many #1 songs Justin's had on iTunes. I don't care if he's in the middle of potentially rekindling things with Selena Gomez or that he's "retiring" from being a pop star. At this point, it seems like the kid (and yes, after this I think it's safe to say he has a LOT more growing up to do) has let all this fame seriously go to his head, to the point where he feels invincible. I'll say it again: This is NOTHING to smile about, Justin. This is serious.

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Someone needs to give Bieber the harsh awakening that he deserves. Maybe that someone's his mom Pattie Mallette. Maybe that someone's a jail security guard or perhaps a physician at a rehab facility. One thing's for sure: the next time (god forbid), he may not be so lucky.

Bieber fan or not, do you think it's time for Justin to get a wakeup call? What would you do if this were your child?


Images via justinbieber/Instagram, Miami Beach Police Department

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00NoW... 00NoWay00

The kid will be lucky if he lives to see 25.  I just hope he doesn't take anyone else out with him in his reckless acts.  He is a punk.

amber... amberdotsmom

I've never even bothered clicking on stories about him, I see the headlines, there's no way to not know what's going on. But I've always thought he's a spoiled little punk and he needs a dose of reality. Today though all I can think of is Leif Garrett - I guess in a way he was the Justin Beiber of his time...but ever see the interviews, Behind the Music special or "Where Are They Now"? Family who let the industry look out for him instead of keeping him grounded - check. Too much money and freedom too soon - check? Drugs, Alcohol, Fast Cars - check. Lasting productive music career? Nope. More like, as expected, crashed and burned from his lifestyle and never really recovered. The story is old, old, old - this kid and his problems and the things he's doing now are nothing even close to new. I wish though that he had even the one small ounce of maturity needed to look at people like Leif Garrett (or if you want to look at something current Corey Monteith) and every other "star" that let their fame and money get the best of them and see that his so called fun times now are taking him exactly no place.

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