Chris Harrison's New Gig Could Change 'The Bachelor' Forever

Chris Harrison Say it ain't so, Chris Harrison! Could the ageless, pore-less, always-dramatically-intoning host be headed for greener pastures? I don't know about the grass color of the farm in question, but it seems like Chris definitely has his eye on pastures void of all things Bachelor or Bachelorette related.

It sounds like Chris is contemplating leaving the roses behind for good -- somebody cue up the Poison! BRETT MICHAELS YOUR HOUR IS NOW! Ever-loyal (to his fans, anyway), Chris is among the top choices to join the table at The View, where it's thought he'll provide a fresh, more testicle-having feel to the show. Methinks Babs Walters just likes the cut of his jib, no?

While he could always do all three of the shows at once, it doesn't seem like a particularly appealing option. After all, even Chris Harrison needs to take care of human functions like eating, sleeping, and making love at midnight on the dunes of the cape. If he takes the job at The View, surely some of his other obligations are going to have to go bye-bye.

Does this mean Chris is going to leave The Bachelor? I kind of feel like ... yes, yes, it does. I also hope that he announces it during "The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony About Myself Ever." Break out your ball gowns, ladies. Chris has something to tell you. While I know die-hard fans wilt at the thought of having to get used to a new host, maybe the change is exactly what the show needs to keep it fresh! I wouldn't write it off just because Chris has left to engage in humorless banter with Whoopi, would you?

Who would you like to see take over if Chris leaves?

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nonmember avatar Johna Messenger

I really hope he doesn't leave he wouldn't be good on view

nonmember avatar Lena

Harry Conner Jr.

Maryanne Gaeta

I would really miss Chris Harrison if he left the show...I really don't think there is a good replacement for him...I really don't know who could take his spot.

Chandra Curtis

I can't imagine the show without him. No one would have that same charisma and style and ABC has changed their online viewing so and I hate that so, if Chris leaves, I won't be watching anymore.

Cheryl Slack

There isn't anyone who can replace Chris Harrison :( but if it has to be done i do not have a clue who could fill his spot on the Bachelor and Bachorlette, Hate to see ya go

Sandra Blake

Rumors.  Chris is just where he needs to be - unless he wants to be the next bachelor.  I guess he could not work there and do that.


Dianne Deger Nathaniel

I certainly hope not!! Watched The View recently while Chris was co-hosting.... he couldn't get a word in edgewise with those cackling hens. It wouldn't be any different if you took the job as a host Chris!!! Crying females or jabbering females that don't let you speak... who will you give the roses to Chris???

nonmember avatar Lori

Jeff Probst would make a good host for the bachelor

Sue Cox Stanley

I like him but what does he do? He doesn't write what he says. There are plenty of handsome men that can read. The Jeff Probst idea is a good one.

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