'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Speaks Out on Jenelle Evans' Abortion

Jenelle EvansLet's face it, Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans may star on the same TV show, but they are from two different worlds. And the two Teen Mom 2 stars have had their differences over the years -- and HOW. But if there's one thing we've learned about Kail, she is not afraid to speak her mind -- especially when the topic is a tough one.

As tough as, say, abortion?

Kailyn was asked this week what she thought of the controversial premiere of Teen Mom 2, and she didn't hold back!

A. Men.

A woman's right to choose is a woman's right to choose. Period. If we aren't in their shoes, we really can't judge.

Can we judge MTV for showing Jenelle's abortion? Perhaps. There's room to debate whether it was appropriate for a show aimed at teens, although I would come down on the "yes, it was" side because it shows the reality of what happens if you don't use protection. As Jenelle herself pointed out in a chat with The Stir, the would-be father of her child was not a nice guy. She was in a domestic violence situation ... and she put herself there. That's something teens need to be aware of when they're having sex ... which is the point of Teen Mom, isn't it? To teach kids about the consequences of unintended teen pregnancy?

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Having chatted with Kailyn a few times, I've found her to be very proud of the message of the show overall, whether she agrees with everything her co-stars do or not. In standing up for Jenelle, she's also standing up for the integrity of the show ... and for heaven knows how many girls who may one day find themselves facing a similarly harrowing choice. She's taking the issue beyond one (admittedly controversial) TV star, and making it about what it is -- women's right to choose.

Good for her for having the courage to take a stand!

What do you think of Kailyn coming out to defend Jenelle?


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Jai Hutto

As much as I dislike Jenelle, I have to agree with Kailyn. It's Jenelle's choice and the ONLY reason that MTV even had that part in the show was because they knew it would cause controversy and controversy makes ratings....and ratings = MONEY. I think it's time to move on from this subject now. 

nonmember avatar jj

I don't believe in abortion what so ever but you guys can say its her choice. But the problem most see is how can she kill her own baby to move to a new guy who she may not last with again and decide to have another baby. Thats just screwed up.

Drew Hymer

>>If we aren't in their shoes

What about the baby's shoes? Since you have never been killed by abortion, you have no right to support it.

tntmo... tntmom1027

It's the fact that she didn't prevent her pregancy and then used abortion as a birth control. I do know what it is like to be in her situation. The father of my son nearly killed me(thankfully after my son was born and not while pregant). He was and still as an a** but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't have carried my son to term and choosen to raise him. I screwed up by not preventing my pregnancy my son had nothing to do with it, he was nothing more then an innocent bystander. 

Instead I owned up to my actions and accepted my responsibility(I also didn't HAVE to keep him I could have placed him for adoption a much better alternative then killing him for just being). I left my ex, dealt with the year long ordeal of death threats from him and having my car vandalized and did what I had to. Three years after my son's birth I had my ex's Parental rights terminated. 

katyq katyq

Here comes the drama! I am absolutely pro choice whether it's once or a million times, it is no more a "murder" the millionth time than it is the first time. But whatevs. To each their own. 

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