Bruce Jenner 'Dying' to Be on 'DWTS' Is the Best News We've Heard All Year

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Bruce JennerOMG, people. I don't wanna get my hopes up as far as this actually becoming a reality goes, but supposedly Bruce Jenner wants to be on Dancing With the Stars -- and an insider told Us Weekly producers are "close to locking him in."

I. Can't. Stand. It.

In a good way, of course. The source also adds that Bruce is "dying to do it" -- so it looks like if all the cards fall into place, he really could be part of the DWTS season 18 cast.

Um, can you even begin to imagine how much fun this will be if Bruce is on the show?!?

You know he'll totally get into it and take the whole process seriously instead of just being the standard "old dude" in the cast who flails around the dance floor like a fish out of water.

I can definitely picture him being all serious about it and actually trying to win -- which could happen if the voters get a kick out of him! Look how far Bill Engvall made it in season 17. No one thought for one second that he'd be around after the first couple of weeks, let alone almost make it to the very end.

And I wonder who Bruce will be paired up with if he does make the cut? Hmm. Emma Slater is probably a safe bet, given how patient she was with Engvall during season 17. Or maybe Cheryl Burke is the way for producers to go? She's really competitive, so she'd push Bruce to his full potential for sure.

Any way you look at it, Bruce being on DWTS is a total win-win -- for viewers, ratings, and also himself. It would be kind of nice to see him in the spotlight for a good, fun reason for a change instead of everyone focusing on his split from Kris Jenner. (Or his super-long fingernails.)

Will you root for Bruce if he's on DWTS?


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Sharon Lucas Murphy

Would he wear a tux or a dress?  Come on....let's get some REAL stars on DWTS.  And enough of the rumors and teases.  I for one don't want to watch Bruce Jenner do anything OR see any of his divorced family in the audience.  UGH......

Robbi Stapleton Viveiros

Yuk, he should sue his plastic surgeon. Rob is ok, but the rest of the family is gross. Wish DWTS should let us VOTE someone OUT each week, he would be out ASAP.

Bernie Salazar

you mofo's are rude as'f haven't you heard don't say nun if it ain't nice all you have to comment is NO @Robbie stapleton viveiros , @sharon lucas murphy

Sheri Hughes

I think Cheryl is my fav. just saying

Dottie Keen Hackett

Please say it isn't so. That would mean the K family will be there, NO!

nonmember avatar wanda

give.him a break..he in an Olympian, not just an Olympian... but gold medallist decathlon olympian!

Joyce Wilkins

Definitely not -  there has already been too many of this family and I have planned not to watch this season anyway.

Doreen Falle

Ummm, please DWTS producer...please DO NOT but Bruce Jenner on your show. 

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