Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami for Truly Awful Activities

justiEarly Thursday morning, Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami for DUI and drag racing. The Miami Beach Police Department confirmed the arrest via their Twitter account, writing, "Breaking News, confirming @justinbieber has been arrested for DUI & Drag Racing more info & press release coming." They also confirmed that Khalil Sharief was arrested with Bieber for drag racing and DUI, as well.

Details remain scant at this point, but according to reports, the "Heartbreaker" singer was driving a rented Lamborghini at the time of the bust.

So far, nothing's comin' up Bieber in 2014. The singer's arrest comes smack dab in the middle of an ongoing investigation in California that connects Bieber to an egg attack on a neighbor's house.

It's been reported numerous times over the past few months that Bieber has a drug problem. He's yet to confirm that he is, in fact, addicted to cough syrup with codeine, but sources claim that many of his friends, including his manager, Scooter Braun, are urging him to get help. Clearly, he's not there yet.

Who knows what it's going to take to get Bieber to check into a rehab facility, but hopefully this arrest will get him a little closer, as a DUI is nothing that should be taken lightly. He and everyone who was around him at the time may be okay (and he may wind up getting off easy, like most celebrities), but the sad truth is, he could have killed himself or someone else. It's time he admitted he has a problem.

What do you think is going to get Justin to rehab?


Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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worki... workingmama86

This is not shocking news to me at all. 

abra819 abra819

straighten yourself out you fucking idiot. dumbass kid.

SRTmo... SRTmom6127

Have no fear, he was arrested in Florida (where I live) so chances are he's not guilty! (add sarcastic eye roll here)

nonmember avatar Justin

Kanye should be next! Yippee!

MrsSa... MrsSamMerlotte

I think when the whole world calls you a fag, says you arent manly enough, and basically dehumanizes you, you are eventually going to lash out in ways such as this.   Is it an excuse for his behavior?  No.... But people forget that entertainers are people too, and they have emotions.

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

At least they actually arrested him. Maybe it'll be the kick in the ass he needs.

Amakenr Amakenr

JB maybe addicted to cough syrup but it's fame that's killing him. He went from sickeningly sweet teeny bopper to whatever you'd like to call him now seemingly overnight. It's just another sad tale of a kid given too much of everything he wants before he is mature enough to handle it. His behavior is that of a spoiled rotten little bitch. He's an attention whore and behaves this way bc everyone that should have been looking after him and helping him stay grounded, true to himself, and on the straight and narrow have let it go on for too long. It doesn't matter how much his friends and manager push and/or try to make him get help now. They (along with his family) should have stopped it before it started. Instead it seems like all they have done is ride on his shirt tails (or tacky gold chains...whatever) in order to get their own piece of what Bieber's true addiction is... fame. No one can force him to change his ways at this point. He's the one that has to take that first step. If not he's sadly going to end up like many celebrities have. He'll either end up in bankruptcy and having to auction off or pawn his possessions just to make ends meet and get a quick fix or he'll end up dead. I hate that it's like that but Hollywood will eat you up and spit you out.

nonmember avatar Doug Brown

What an excellent ambassador for Canada. NOT....what a dumb f... Send him back to his igloo

nonmember avatar me

Just deport him to canada and let them deal with him. And that egg thing? Its a felony vandalism. He caused over 20 k worth of damage. He needs to go and learn some manners and respect

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