Vanessa Paradis' Feelings on Johnny Depp's Engagement Make Her the Coolest Girl Ever

vanessa paradisThere's been a lot of talk about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's engagement lately. Some think it's great; others are outraged. But what about Johnny's ex, Vanessa Paradis? How does she feel about all of this? After all, she and Johnny never got married, despite being together a long time and having two children together. Does she thinks it's odd/rude/mean that the father of her children is headed to the altar after such a brief courtship?

Actually, no. Not at all.

According to pals, Vanessa isn't bitter at all about Johnny and Amber's relationship. In fact, when Johnny called to share his news, "Vanessa wished him happiness." There's "no drama" at all between the two. He's doing his thing, she's doing hers.

Of course, no one but Vanessa and Johnny know what went wrong in their relationship, but on some level, regardless of what happened, it has to sting a little bit to hear that the person you were with for such a long time is engaged to someone he met shortly after the two of you broke up. Yes, Vanessa has a million and one things going for her -- the memories she shares with Depp; her children; her looks; money -- but that doesn't make her immune to feeling hurt. If she never felt that way, great! But if she did, and still managed to take the high road like she did -- the lady's nothing but class.

For Amber and Johnny's sake, I hope they go on to have a long, beautiful relationship together, but I'd be remiss if I didn't say it: Vanessa Paradis is going to be a tough act to follow.

How would you feel if you were Vanessa?


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leila11 leila11

I just feel like its the beginning of time vanessa did her thing...because Johnny Depp..looks good since 21 jump st...both models and aware of the pressures of being too good looking..who cares...i like them both artisticly?!

nonmember avatar ellie

I think it will not be normal if Vanessa is not feeling hurt at all, regardless the reason she broke up with JD. Anyway, I wish her the best. Good for her to react in such classy way.

nonmember avatar Dawn

This is assuming that Vanessa wanted to get married and Johnny did not. When a couple is together for more than a few years, has a family and does not get married I assume it's because both people are not interested in getting married. It's sad that we are supposed to assume Vanessa is the sad clown here.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

She is known to be a positive person, and most people who have worked hard to be as successful as she usually are adept at pulling themselves up and moving forward during times of adversity, sometimes to even greater heights.  I think Johnny found her at a time in his live when he needed what she had to offer--positive encouragement and stability.  Sometimes people get what they need from each other and move on.  I think that is what has happened, and she understands this.  May good things come her way.

nonmember avatar jeisa

I think Johnny and Vanessa looked very good together. They have the same style, attitude, perfect height for each other, cheekbones, eyes and everything looked right. They often looked happy together.

I think that Vanessa exaggerated their relationship a little bit by always stress how lovely and fantastic their relationship was.. I guess it wasn't always (nothing is perfect). This she is "paying" for now.

I also think that they both found each other in a time in their life where they both wanted some stability, family and kids. If u read Johnny´s interviews from right before he met Vanessa, he said that he wanted a family. it seems nice to life a romantic life on a farm in the south of France, but to actually life your life that way might not be possible. I guess thats what they found out..they are probably very romantic both of them.

I am not a naive person, but something about Johnny and Vanessa´s relationship seems very genuine to me. I am sure they were in love sometimes, and its a shame they didn't made it:(

nonmember avatar isla

I would have felt horrible. I can't imagine how terrible it must feel to see your children hang out with Amber, and watch your ex- love of your life starting a new life with someone much younger.

I don't think Vanessa even like to live in the USA, especially now... but she has to because of the kids going to school and have their life there. Lets hope she find happiness ! If u read old interviews with Vanessa she always talked about how special and fantastic their relationship was.. It´s really sad:(

nonmember avatar Krista

Of course publicly Vanessa will always be a class act and would never bad mouth her ex and father of her children. She, unlike johnny has taken the high road. I am sure she is not "Happy" about the fact that her long tome love of 14 years cheated on her repeatedly with some 22 year old girl on his movie set behind her back! She may well be over it and have a fresh perspective and not care less now. But she would not be human if John's deplorable actions did not hurt her deeply at the time. She is well rid of him. His true colors are shown now, not only to her but to the world. So Vanessa comes out clean in the end and as for Depp and the bimbo, we all know how that will end!

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