Latest '50 Shades' Trailer Is Almost More Than We Can Bear (VIDEO)

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50 shades of grey trailerOoh, Christian and Anastasia fans, I've got something to liven up your evening! There's a new Fifty Shades of Grey fan trailer -- still not the "official" one, but definitely hot enough to tide us over in the meantime. This trailer, like the past few, stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. And there's some seriously smokin' sex scenes that don't give everything away -- but also make the trailer NSFW! Oh, did I just make it that much more tantalizing? You'll want to see this, then.

The trailer is a bit long, but that's not really a problem with fans, is it? I mean, longer is better. It's set to two different songs, a sultry cover of Chris Isaac's "Wicked Game" and "The XX-Infinity." Dakota has her usual blond hair, sorry folks. But she looks great! Jamie sports a couple different looks, but he smoulders in every scene. I think we can forgive these few small deviations from the book, can't we? Or does the creator of this trailer need to be punished? Mwa ha ha!

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Anyway, there's just one fly in the ointment as far as I'm concerned. Sure we see "Christian" picking out his perfect shirts and ties, Anastasia looking disheveled and lusty, and the Emerald City glittering. But the shots of Christian driving around in his Audi are clearly taken from a car ad. It kind of made me snicker -- sorry, can't help it.

I think last month's fan-produced Fifty Shades trailer was more atmospheric. But it was also shorter. And well, besides that, we just need more. More! MORE! But how much more teasing can we take before we get the real thing? Mama wants the real thing, and we'd better get it soon. Or else.

How do you think this new trailer stands up against the other recent trailers starring Jamie and Dakota?


Image via Ovskura Dama/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Nicole

I think it's a cover to the song infinity by XX

Nina Khalil

Two comments on this video.

1. I hope they dye her hair brown

2. There are three other versions of Don't want to fall in love; that one was annoying Try the original By Chris Iassac was great, Three Days Grace and Stone Sour did excellent covers.

Kaitlyn Reitz

Nina Khalil, they already died her hair. They have videos up of the movie being made, and her hair is brown. All the clips in this are from other movies.

Lisa Tertrou

What happened to her hair color, please tell me is not going to stay blonde!

It would ok if Anastasia was blonde in the boo, but she is differently not, and her dark her hair is a major part of her discribition and follows siute what he is attracted to with his other sex slaves, so please don't show her in blonde hair it's not how the author described her and makes it look like a whole different book, makes you not want to see the rest because it's not true to the book. Please don't take us fools, it will back fire, the movie will ended up being a one shot movie, please make us beg for more, like Christian would want us to!

Claire Louise Roth

It says in the book brunette, as so she must be brunette!! Ronald Weasley was a ginger in the books, and was in the films. This MUST be put right!!

nonmember avatar Zoe

Think they have totally destroyed the film. FGS Anna wasn't blonde and Christian was clean shaven. If your gonna make a film baised on number 1 selling books GET THE DETAILS RIGHT

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