Lamar Odom Gives Khloe Kardashian Another Reason to Be Glad It's Over

khloe kardashian, lamar odomAs if Khloe Kardashian needed another reason to detest her soon-to-be-ex Lamar Odom ...

The man she once called the love of her life was rumored to have cheated on her (repeatedly) and allegedly developed a drug problem. There were even reports that he disappeared for days on end until she tracked him and his mistress down at a hotel. Well, the latest on Lamar's behavior isn't going to make Khloe any more interested in taking him back.

According to sources, Lamar doesn't think he's the least bit responsible for Khloe's heartbreak and misery. In the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe comes clean about how badly their relationship has disintegrated. Though, contrary to that portrayal, Lamar says he tried to make their marriage work and tried to hide his bad habits and extracurricular activities from her.

"He never asked her to feel that way or put her life on hold to help him," says the source. “He went about his business and wanted to be left alone. He needed space to do whatever he wanted to do  and he did so away from Khloe so he wouldn’t hurt her.”

Talk about delusional. Why wouldn't that still hurt her? It's hard to believe that he would actually think he can have affairs, use drugs, be MIA for God knows how long, and as long as Khloe didn't actually see what was going on, it was okay.

If you didn't have sympathy for Khloe before, you should now. Look at the kind of dunderhead she was dealing with. His entire stance on the situation is incredibly insensitive and actually kind of cruel. It's no wonder she is heartbroken. Regardless of how fast they wed (they got married after just a month of dating), it was clear that she loved him. In fact, it seemed as though they loved each other -- at least for awhile. Oh well. Clearly, she's better off without him.

Do you think Lamar is being insensitive?


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nonmember avatar WK

I am shocked that he is such a butthead. I really thought he adored her. Drugs are a terrible thing BUT its not an excuse to cheat and be cruel. She was a gift to him. She loved him so much and is the best wife out of all of them. Who wouldn't want that? I hope there comes a day that he really realizes what he lost. But sadly he may just kill himself with the drugs.

nonmember avatar Blake

I feel so bad for Khloe. He made her believe. I think Khloe is the most sincere of all of them. She deserved better than that. My heart breaks for her. I hope she can recover from this. I don't know. He will come to regret his actions one day.

nonmember avatar Roger

A bit insensitive article about Lamar. You must be unfamiliar with the tragedy in his life.

nonmember avatar Christina

Well I think on gods green earth, there is know way lamar loved khloe. Im pertaining what I read about lamar saying in words well khloe as long as u dont see its not WRONG. Lamar come on you had to been on drugs way before you met khloe. Your marrige never had a chance. Lamar you should be saluting khloe seeing she put up with your disease for so long.

nonmember avatar Tk

He is the biggest Ahole inconsiderate and horrible I think he blames his dad yet he could have decided to make his own life and rational decisions and love his wife .He is just lazy copout jerk of a choice of a man and husband .fame is also not to blame ego and laziness is what a mess

nonmember avatar Shana

Poor Khloe. I'm happy that she's not speaking ill of him despite their situation. We all come across tragedy in our lives, but that shouldn't be an excuse to hurt others. He may benefit from some type of professional help. The way he's going about things doesn't seem to be helping him. Hope he gets what he needs so he can be in a happy place.

Te Caywood

best wishes to u

nonmember avatar greg harris

You don't really know how she truly feels.

Life is ambiguous.

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