Robert Pattinson's 'Profound' Lifestyle Change Is Utterly Ridiculous

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Robert PattinsonHuh. Well this certainly came out of nowhere. Robert Pattinson is making some changes lately -- because apparently he's in the mood to turn over a new leaf and reinvent himself in some way.

Want to know what inspired his sudden desire to step outside of the box? Jumping on board as the face of Dior Homme Eau for Men. Yes, the cologne. Rob is pretty darn excited about the campaign, and in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he said, "I like trying to do ambitious things.That's what got me really enthusiastic about the campaign, that [Dior] wasn't shying away from anything."

And taking part in the ads also helped him make what he refers to as a "profound change" in his life.

Ready to hear this one?

Wait for it -- Rob has started using moisturizer.

(I know. Shocking.)

He explains, "I was a brush-your-teeth-and-have-a-shower kind of guy. I can't tell if it's because of my association with Dior or because I'm older, but I've started moisturizing. It's been a quite profound change in my life."

Well, there you have it. Rob is getting his moisture on. And something about the image of him standing there in front of the bathroom mirror lathering up each morning is making me chuckle just a tad. There's just something so "adult" about him doing that -- which definitely shows he's come quite a long way from solely being known as "that kid from Twilight."

But "profound"? Really? Ok, Rob ... whatever you say.

Although -- you have to wonder what other skin treatments he'll move on to from here. I mean, moisturizer is a total gateway product, so odds are good he'll being getting regular microdermabrasion treatments and chemical peels in no time.

Does your man moisturize?


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nonmember avatar Karen

Was there truly nothing else you could have written about today? You've got a great forum to express your opinions and you choose to focus on a celebrity's misuse of vocabulary?

nonmember avatar Robin

I see you managed to copy down the quote, but were incapable of noting that they said he said it sarcastically.

It was a joke. Geesh.

nonmember avatar Sue

After all this time and still nobody gets his wicked sense of humour.

nonmember avatar Carrie

I'm sure you must realize this already, but just in case: he was KIDDING about the importance of this. Why must you purposely try to misrepresent this guy?

nonmember avatar Linn

You pick and choose what you include and what you exclude when you take quotes from articles. Why? To garner desperate hits? Do you think people who trip and fall and land on your column haven't done other reading? Is your job in jeopardy? Is that it? What's your quota; six I hope. Hope you sleep well at night knowing you are making good use of your degree.

Mary Santora

u people r idiots, making a big deal out of moisturizer!!!

Beverly Riddle

slow news day...this 'story' is a new low people......

Ofry Arad

yes yes yes yes im with you



Jacqueline Marvani

Americans still find it difficult to 'get' the quirky sense of humour us Brits have!

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