Kristen Stewart’s Next Movie Brings Her Closer to Someone She Loves

kristen stewartA new film will bring two of Robert Pattinson's former love interests together -- er, well, former on-camera love interests, that is. Kristen Stewart stars with Julianne Moore in the upcoming film, Still Alice. And she's stoked! KStew will play the daughter of a psychology professor with Alzheimer's disease, played by Moore. Sounds like an emotionally intense role for Kristen, right? But it gets better. Guess who else might get cast? Someone Kristen would LOVE to spend more time with ...

A friend of Kristen's tells Hollywood Life that Kristen's dog, Bailey, may get to appear in the film as well! Daww, that's so sweet. "Kristen is super excited to work with Julianne Moore," the friend reports. "It’s just been confirmed that she will play the part of her daughter in a movie called Still Alice. They will film in New York and Kristen plans on bringing her dog Bailey, who may have a part in the film." This has to be the ultimate bring-your-dog-to-work job. I hope Bailey's audition goes well.

I wonder if Kristen and Julianne Moore will gossip about Rob while they're on the set together. In the movie Map to the Stars, Moore's character has an affair with her chauffeur, played by Pattinson. So both ladies have gotten up close and personal with him. Maybe they could compare notes ... or maybe they have more interesting things to talk about. Sure hope so.

Anyway, filming starts in mid-February, just in time to distract Kristen from NOT celebrating Valentine's Day with you-know-who. Not that she cares! I'm sure she's doing just fine, moving on with her life and everything.

Do you think Kristen and Julianne will gossip about Rob, or are they too mature for that silliness?


Image via Tony Gutierrez/AP/Corbis

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Christy Miller

hate kstew after what she did to rob

Shirley Sorrow

Hate is a little strong especially since it doesn't affect you one way or another.  I certainly don't think Rob hates her.  He loves her.  I believe they will come together when they get through with all of their movies.  Actually, they may get together before then.  All I know is that they can't or won't stay apart for much longer.

Caryn Burton

Ummm, y'all might want to check your 'facts'.  Kristen herself confirmed that the report of the dog's name and origin is false.  She found the dog while filming Camp XRay and it is named Cole, after her character in the film.  Gee, what else can you get wrong.  And, by the way, please stop posting information about Kristen on the Rob feed.  It has NOTHING to do with him anymore!

nonmember avatar Tereza

You mean Cole ? Not Bailey

Simča Michalíková

Christy Miller - Everyone makes mistakes, you maybe you know it, you know why and what happened, this is embarrassing rob flirts with many women who knows what the dream had made a

Marlena Creighton Hartkorn

Wow...who wrote this article a 12 year old, lol..I wish people would stop associating her with Rob. He's moved on, everyone else should too. Kristen seems to moved on with her new girlfriend, and is finally smiling. Rob is so much better than her, and he finally figured that out.

Simča Michalíková

Marlena Creighton Hartkorn. - Really? just because he made a mistake is terrible and he is better, he flirt with each maybe something more, I think of Kristen's better than him, he still drinks and uses your honor against Kristen, Rob is an idiot

Helen Shuck

they are but evidently you are not. you are worse than the papparazzi ever thought of being. leave them alone ugh!!

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