Tension Grows on '50 Shades' Set Between E.L. James & Director

50 shades setSounds like things are getting heated on the Fifty Shades of Grey set, and I'm not necessarily talking about the chemistry between Christian Grey Jamie Dornan and Anastasia Steele Dakota Johnson. Rumor has it that E.L. James and the film's director Sam Taylor-Johnson aren't exactly seeing eye to eye on how things are translating from book to film. A source tells E! News that the Fifty Shades director is annoyed with James' input.

"E.L. James wants the movie to match the book exactly, but Sam has a different perspective," according to the source. "Sam is reminding E.L. she writes books and she makes movies."

Eeeesh. I mean, I get that E.L. wants to deliver Fifty Shades fans the steaminess of the book they crave on the big screen. But there's a lot more Sam has to worry about. This confrontation, it was bound to happen sooner or later. 

These sorta things, they happen all the time. The director has to think bigger picture not only with the story line, but also in regard to making money and producing a product that earns a rating that will allow a wide audience to see it. And whether or not fans are willing to accept it: If the film's too raunchy, then it won't get the box office number it's after ... period.

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Do I want raunchiness? Of course I do. Heck, that's the essence of what Fifty Shades of Grey is all about. But at the end of the day, Sam has a point. There's just more to worry about than being 100 percent true to the book, even if that's what so many of the fans desire. I think it's safe to say that whatever fans come to find on February 13, 2015 (the Fifty Shades release date) will certainly be an eye full.

Do you think there is such a thing as too much steaminess for the Fifty Shades film?


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Baile... Bailey8307

The author annoys me. I see her as no different from any trashy novelist. It's not as if fifty shades is some great work of art.. It was just marketed well. I tried to read it and just couldn't get through it... The writing was terrible and thinking of her imagining Robert pattinson just creeped me right out. She should thank her lucky stars she made some money off this crap and keep her mouth shut.

Lucki... Luckicharmz

How the hell this even got greenlighted for a movie is beyond me, I struggled through the drivel that is the first "novel" and just about wept for actual good authors who get passed over for this crap.

Lori Martinson Cyples

See...that proves you two are idiots.  There is an actual story line that connects all 3 books.  If you would have bothered to actually read them, you would have seen that.

nonmember avatar ChristyA

Lori I totally agree with you! There is a great story line which connects all 3 book!

Chris... Christy-A-

Lori couldn't agree with you more!! Had they read all three books they would have seen the great story line

Pauline Tate

omg i so think it needs to be true to the book... this is wat we all want those of us who understand the storey line and remarkable love connection... the sex seens are needed to portray the essence, which is Christian Grey... good on Ms James....

nonmember avatar Melissa Hatcher

I have to agree with the author the movie needs to match the books cant leave anything out not at all.

nonmember avatar me

Im with How in the heck this thing ever got even made into a movie?- camp. Seriously, the writing was so bad my 10 y old propably could have done better (well not context wise but grammatically) and if its turned into a movie, scene by scene 7tll be the longest x rated movie ever to hit the dvd production. You cant turn it into a movie and get r rating with all the scenes intact . Also I hope the dialog between the two has been greatly improved but honestly, I propably will never bother to watch it so do what you like with it

Tina Goff

I hope it gets an NC17 rating.  Not because of 'following the story' and not because I care about some badly written psudoporn, but because if it gets an NC17 then most movie theaters WON'T CARRY IT!  In about 10 years so many people are going to feel so humiliated that they were so into this crappy book/movie, like a bad 80s hair do that keeps showing up in old photos.  I know people who had Twilight obsessions and already feel like idiots for they way they acted about it.  

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