Is this Proof Robin Thicke Cheated on Paula Patton – AGAIN?

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Robin ThickePerhaps those "blurred lines" Robin Thicke so famously sang about had more to do with his marriage than anything else. During a night out at a Paris club, the singer certainly wasn't acting like someone who is married. What he was doing with a woman -- who was not his wife -- was absolutely shocking.

In the scandalous images, Thicke is kissing and groping a young, pretty mystery girl while on the dance floor. As fans know, he has been marriage to actress Paula Patton for the last nine years -- though someone might want to remind him of that fact. He showed no shame in embracing and kissing this other woman IN PUBLIC.

The singer was reportedly partying with Kanye, who presumably was on better behavior since there are not reports of him cheating on Kim. Thicke, however, seemed to be having enough fun for the both of them. He worked up such a sweat that he had to take off his suit jacket, unbutton the top of his shirt, and roll up his sleeves. They two were so into each other, they were oblivious to the crowd around them AND the cameras.

This isn't the first time Thicke has reportedly been caught in the act. In September, a woman photographed with him claimed they got it on. In fact, this woman says Paula eventually showed up and watched. HUH? WHAT? Not sure if I buy that. But I have long heard rumors about their special marital "arrangement." Meaning, he can do whatever he want. Again, it's rumor, but I have to wonder if that is how you stay married in Hollywood. As far as I’m concerned, pop stars seem as bad as athletes when it comes to cheating. As Chris Rock famously said, “Men are as faithful as their options.” But to be fair, celeb women can be pretty scandalous too. So perhaps these "arrangements" go both ways.

Do you think Robin is doing anything wrong in those photos?


Image via Melissa Rose/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Kayla

I wouldn't be surprised if they have some kind of open marriage thing going on. It's their relationship, they can do whatever they want. As long as they're both okay with it it's fine. If he is getting with other people when his wife doesn't want him to though then that's a problem.

nonmember avatar Jen

He is a pig.

bunny... bunnyxlover

they have an open marriage, i dont think you can cheat on someone when you have that sort of agreement

nonmember avatar Jennifer

So glad to see comments pointing out that not everyone strictly practices monogamy. I would say that they do appear to have a poly-amorous relationship.

pippi311 pippi311

This guy has always come off as a super sleezebag to me so it wouldn't surprise me if he's cheating. Unless he and his wife have an open relationship or some kind of cheating agreement then there's no excuse for it.

nonmember avatar Kelsey

A few pictures taken at bad angles and you brand the man as a cheater. He's an entertainer and has said he is a party guy.

nonmember avatar Jane

Though it may not be "all out" cheating, it is still cheating, and this is evidenced by the fact that it is inappropriate. Most people would argue that dancing with someone else that you "find attractive" is not appropriate. It is fine to dance for fun if you are "not attracted" on both sides and you are friends with absolutely no possibility of anything ever happening-like a brother/sister kind of friendship, but anything beyond that is disrespectful and shameful to your marriage. No one is perfect, but you can't excuse behavior like that. Sin is sin, and there really is no way around it.

nonmember avatar Jane

Dancing with someone you find attractive while you are married is not appropriate or right.

nonmember avatar jane

Also, on another note, dancing is very sexual and sensual, so it can lead to sex before marriage or outside of marriage-neither of which are good.

loqua... loquacious

Jane, you sound like you live in the town from Footloose.  Dancing=bad, lol

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