Joan Rivers Calls Kim Kardashian’s Baby ‘Ugly’ in Despicable Rant

kanye and north westMean girls are just a fact of life. But you would think a child would get a reprieve from merciless heckling at least until she was in pre-school. Not so for North West. (In case you have been living on Mars for the past year, that is the progeny of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.) The 7-month-old child's tormentor? Joan Rivers. The comedienne lobbed the cruelest insult at the infant that we've heard so far.

We are accustomed to Joan taking pot shots at Kim and the other elder Kardashians. They are such easy marks, after all. But she reached a whole new low when she went after a baby. A tiny, defenseless baby who had no choice in picking her parents or being born into the spotlight.

During a stand-up gig at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles, she quipped: "That baby is ugly ... I’ve never seen a 6-month-old so desperately in need of a waxing."

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Pretty despicable, right? I can only imagine how incensed Kanye will be over this. Definitely the start of a new celebrity feud. Who talks about a child this way? That's one unspoken rule every adult should follow: don't poke fun at a little kid's looks. What this boils down to is a desperate ploy for attention. Joan certainly got a lot of press after her nasty little bit.

Sadly, this probably won't be the last time North West faces this kind of offensive remark. Her parents have all but guaranteed this. The way they behave is just too outrageous to ignore. If Kanye isn't boasting about his greatness and getting into skirmishes with people who allegedly criticized his women, then Kim and her family are peddling just about everything under the sun.

Not only that, there have already been reports that Kim has been grooming North -- by waxing those famously bushy eyebrows she inherited from her Armenian side. Though I don't believe it. I know that family is all about appearances, but I don't think Kim would do that. I just hope they help prepare North for all the attention as she gets older.

What do you think of Joan Rivers' comments about North West?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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Taisie Taisie

I think Joan rivers needs to look in the mirror before she says anything about how anyone else in the whole entire world looks, much less a baby. And I say this knowing that I am not the most beautiful woman in the world, but then again, I am not pointing my finger at anyone else trying to make myself relevant in any way, which, Joan rivers no longer is, in my opinion. That, and I'm not sure what has happened to her face in the last 20 years, but wow, that is something else!

kysma... kysmama08

Joan Rivers is no beauty queen either lol. The baby isn't the cutest, but that's pretty harsh.

adamat34 adamat34

I like joan rivers. ...she may no be pc but everyone forgets she is a comedian. ....its what she does..


She's just trying to be funny. She is a comedian after all. But she usually just makes herself look like an asshole.

Jacee... Jacee2348

Yeah, classless at best.  People's children should be off limits, even for comedians.  Sadly, they never will be.  It garners attention, albeit negative, but still attention. 

nonmember avatar Alexandra

People are not funny making fun of babies. It's classless and in poor taste.

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

Ok, I don't like Kim Kardashian and I downright hate Kanye West, but Jesus Christ woman it's a baby! There are some things that will make you look like an asshat whether it was as a joke or not.

Bruic... Bruickson

She should have just kept the jokes about Kim and Kanye. Lord knows they give out plenty of ammunition to be made fun of. But making fun of a baby is just low.

Baile... Bailey8307

I have absolutely exposed her since she made a "joke" about hiring a maid with a "harelip" to keep her husband from cheating.. My beautiful daughter was born with a cleft lip. Not only is the word "harelip" extremely offensive but she implied that kids born like my daughter are not beautiful. I'm not surprised she'd attack an innocent baby. The woman makes a living off of her cruel comments. It's disgusting! How would you feel if she insulted your child? Also North is an extremely beautiful baby and Joan rivers looks like a walking corpse!

Baile... Bailey8307

Meant to say despised not exposed, lol oops

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