Bruce Jenner Won't Escape Sex Change Rumors With These Perfect Nails


Bruce JennerEver since Bruce and Kris Jenner decided to separate, rumors have abounded that one of the main reasons was Bruce's desire to become a woman. Let's face it, Bruce's looks have certainly morphed over the years -- and he's taken to wearing a long ponytail, lip gloss, and earrings in both ears. He also appears to have his lips injected with filler -- they're now almost as puffy as Kim's. Now might come the hardest proof of all that Bruce wants to be a woman -- well, at least that Bruce likes certain womanly things. That's all I'll say. Bruce was photographed with a glossy French manicure. Yes, his OWN.

Bruce stepped out with nails that were trim, glossy, long for a guy, and appeared to have the nails square and lightened, like you do with a French manicure.

But combine this with Bruce's interest in Adam's apple surgery -- which he reportedly has cancelled -- and rumors of crossdressing and that he was looking to have his manhood removed (??!!) and, well, I just don't know how what to think.

That said, if Bruce did want to become a woman, so what? It's his life. People do change over the decades, and some radically. If he wants to live the last leg of his life as a woman, it doesn't discount the many years he's lived as a man.

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On the other hand, maybe he just likes girly things. If you look at someone like Kristen Stewart, who favors backwards baseball caps, men's shirts, and dirty hair, no one is accusing her of becoming a man -- a lesbian, maybe, but not a man.

So maybe this is just Brucie's style. Kendall and Kylie defended his 'do as Bruce wanting to look surfer-ish like his grown sons. Not sure I'm buying that, the tail looks more supermodel than surfer, but hey ...

Bruce, you lived with Kris Jenner for 22 years. Do what you like, man. You get a pass.

That said, where did you get your nails done? They are totally better than mine.

What do you think of Bruce's manicure?


Image via JD/Splash News

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Natalie Sims

Looks like Bruce has some budding boobs. Maybe that's the real reason Bruce and Kris broke up; he wants to be a woman

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

People are seriously blowing this out of proportion! 

leila11 leila11

he has boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg

Sheri Anne

Who cares and if you do maybe you need to look at why it affects your life. Maybe you have too much time on your hands.

nonmember avatar msw

leave the guy alone..if he wants to divorce ,live on a beach,wear womens clothing and whatever..its his choice at this time in his life..he has been the backdrop for the Kardashian women far too the way, lots of men get manicures, and also as a man ages, the muscle under and around the breast gets a bit "loose", where it looks like boobs!wearing a ponytail is no big deal either..willie nelson still wears braids at 80!!

Gigina Dibell

Yes , he is looking a little different and are those his nips poking out?! OMG! WHO CARES? He has the right to do or be who he choses to be!

nonmember avatar shelley

I think people should leave Bruce the fuck alone his business not anyone's. Anyways gossip is a load of shit your that stupid to believe it go a head be one of those gooses that go long with fugly fake gossip!!

Cindy Hutschenreuter

I think he is just attention seeking or really likes French

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